Wednesday, October 14, 2015 (Travel to Wildhorse Resort and Casino, Pendleton, OR)

It was a few minutes before 9:00 when we pulled out of the RV parking at Tulalip Resort Casino and made our way to I-5 south. It was a cloudy start to the day but it's supposed to be sunny, so it's just a matter of waiting until it burns off. We took I-405 to I-90 East...just love all the traffic (lol)...
Finally out of the 'rat-race' of the Seattle area traffic...and blue sky! Starting up the Snoqualmie Pass... but then on the way down, and not really to Steve's surprise, the infamous squealing when the exhaust brake engages returned after only 849 km since the last repair!!! This is exactly what happened last year when we crossed the border and made it only as far as Everett, WA....sheeesh!!
 Keechelus Lake...look how low it is!
 I believe this is the Yakima River with a couple of fishers with their raft...s

Lunch time at Indian John Hill Rest Area just past Cle Elum...BC could sure learn from Washington State about rest areas. Not only are they clean, a lot of them serve coffee and treats and have picnic areas. They also have lots of parking for big rigs and many have sanidumps.

And more 'river' pictures taken just before Ellensburg...the fall colours are beautiful!

Just past Ellensburg, we took I-82...we've entered a different climate zone...quite a change in landscape! This is near S. Umtanum Ridge, elevation 2265...
 Mount Adams way off in the distance...
...and Mount Rainier...

We went through Yakima...and more pictures of the Yakima River....

We crossed over the Columbia River into Oregon and onto I-84...

Almost there!
Our destination tonight...the Wildhorse Resort and Casino...a great spot for an overnight stay.

There is a special section for overnight RVers...nice level parking...

We did our minimal set up for an overnight stay...and then relaxed with a cocktail for a bit. It had been a long driving day...7 hours.
Shortly after 6:00, we walked across to the casino and had dinner at the buffet. As usual, we ate too much...and then wandered around the slots. After giving just a small donation to the slots, we headed back to the trailer.

We'll have another long travel day tomorrow as we continue towards Salt Lake City, UT.


  1. There's a Cabela's on the south side of SLC that has a dump station and water and a nice place to stay the night.

  2. looks like you are 'moving right along'..sorry to hear the brake is acting up yet again!

    1. Big travel days but it's great to be on the road again!