Tuesday, October 13, 2015 (Tulalip Casino Resort, Marysville, WA)

Well...we decided to stay put for another day. The weather forecast is much more favourable for the Snoqualmie Pass tomorrow...rather than rain today, we'd much rather travel in sunshine tomorrow.

We actually ended up having a fairly productive day today...well, the morning anyways. Steve puttered around outside...checking and putting air in 8 of the tires. The inside dual tires will have to wait until the pavement dries. He then topped up the coolant in the truck and re-torqued all trailer tires. While he was doing that, I also got a few things done...I got all caught up on recording all of our budget expenditures over the past few days; I cancelled our Telus MiFi since we won't be using it at all while down south; and also tried to submit a claim on-line for reimbursement of the (expensive) shot in the knee I had. Unfortunately, they wouldn't accept it on-line, which meant I had to download and fill out a claim form and mail it to Vancouver...sheesh!

We had lunch and then decided to get out for a little exercise...yes, a walk would be nice. Since I now need to mail an envelope back to Canada, we went in search of a stamp. We walked past Cabela's, Home Depot, and Walmart...to a little strip-mall where there happened to be a UPS store. They are also a US Postal outlet...sweet! So that little errand was taken care of...perfect!

Well, our walk also happened to take us passed a Bob's Burger and Brew...so we decided to go in for a brew! (Surprise, surprise! LOL)

Back at the trailer, the pavement had finally dried enough so that Steve could put down a blanket to lay on so that he could get under the back of the truck to reach the inside dual tire valve stems. He checked the pressure and added air on one of them...and with that, the chores for the day were done!

The rest of the afternoon was spent inside on our devices...Steve researching our route; and me, answering emails and updating our blog.

We're looking forward to continuing our journey south tomorrow...


  1. You guys know how to have a good time!!
    ..haven't lost your sense of smell for finding beer?

    1. Ha ha! Yes, we are good at that...especially when we travel. Nothing like "really seeing the sights"! LOL