Friday, October 16, 2015 (Travel to Antelope Island State Park, Salt Lake City, UT)

Well, we were rather slow getting going this was about 9:30 by the time we pulled out of Jerome County Fairgrounds. We must still be on Pacific Standard Time! After stopping to fill one of the gas containers for the generator, we were back on the I-84 heading east.

Again, I took lots of is what we saw on this beautiful travel day!
(Reminder: click on pictures to enlarge)

Rattlesnake Pass...

It was going on 2:00 when we pulled up to the gatehouse at the entrance to Antelope Island. Well, silly's Friday afternoon and we didn't do enough research. We should have phoned to see if it was busy. How quickly we forget...if you don't make reservations (and we rarely do), you must always arrive at your new destination by mid week! We happened to be lucky, though, because although there was a sign out front saying "Campground Full", she said there was one last site available. Whew! So we obviously took it. The unfortunate part was that it was in the White Rock Bay Campground, not the more desirable (according to reviews) Bridger Bay Campground. Oh well, at least we have a site.

After paying for 3 nights, we continued on the causeway to the island.

The lake is sure low...

 The Marina...

Before we head to our campsite, though, we needed to stop at the sani-dump. Steve asked at the gate where it was...she said it's by the Visitors Center. Well it's not marked at all, so we take the road that goes up to the Visitors, had the parking lot been full, we would have been in big trouble! With no sign of it anywhere, I ran into the Visitors Center to ask...go back down the hill to the stop sign and turn's a little further along, on the left.

View from the Visitor Centre parking lot of causeway to the island...

Salt Lake City in the distance...

Well, the sani-dump really isn't big-rig friendly. After trying to get in, we had to back out because we wouldn't make the corner. We ended up driving further down the road to find a spot where we could turn around so that we could access it from the other direction. With the black/grey water tanks emptied and the fresh water tank filled, we were finally back on our way to White Rock Bay Campground.

 The gravel road to White Rock Bay Campground...

We had no idea that the campsites are in clusters of three...our site was #6, and the clusters aren't marked, so we had a heck of a time finding our site. Finally, we determined that we had driven past it...we were in a cluster that already had a large fifth-wheel in it. We were greeted by the Winn family from eastern Utah, so we introduced ourselves as their new best friends. Because the sites are so unlevel Jeremy made suggestions on the best way to situate the trailer to get as level as possible and they didn't mind us being a little close to accomplish this.

After some maneuvering and spotting from our neighbours, we were in...and a couple of hours later, we were all set up! Steve went out and took some pictures. The Winn's are expecting friends who will be taking the other site. By the way, Jeremy (I'm pretty sure that's his name) and his wife have five kids that must vary in age from around 5 to 15 or 16.  They invited us to join them for dinner later...they were cooking ribs and 'taters' in the dutch oven.  
Ahhh...time to was hot out!

Once the mosquitoes came out...and the flies got so bad, we decided to head was getting close to dinner time anyway. Although we had declined their offer of dinner, Jeremy's wife and daughter brought over a plate with a sample of his 'ribs and taters'...delicious!

And with the sunset came the end to our last travel day for a few days. We are looking forward to exploring the island tomorrow...before the rain sets in!


  1. the trials and tribulations of finding a sani dump and your site!
    good thing you have nice neighbours!!

  2. We have stayed there a few times and loved the area.....with the exception of the flies!