Tuesday & Wednesday, September 11 & 12, 2012 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Today was a work day...Steve headed outside at around 9:00 to get started on washing the trailer...I had my shower and then cleaned up inside and got things ready for the carpet cleaners.  The original appointment time for Ecofresh Carpet Cleaning was anytime between 1:00 and 4:00 but luckily they called around 10:00 to say that they had a cancellation, would it be okay if they came between 11:00 and noon?  Yes, the earlier, the better!

Ecofresh Carpet Cleaning arrived at about 11:15 and two fellows spent the next 45 minutes cleaning “every inch of carpet” including a couple of floor mats and the outside steps.  They even managed to get another job while here...our neighbour, Doug came over to see if they would have time to do their fifth-wheel.  So we now have nice clean carpets...they took a little while to dry, thank goodness the sun was shining (for the most part) so all windows were open and fans on to help the drying process.

Steve was still working on the trailer (now attacking the black streaks) around 2:00 when I headed out in the truck to go into Langley to the bank.  I had a cheque that I had totally forgotten about that needed to be deposited before heading south on Thursday.  When I got back (over an hour later) Steve was relaxing, waiting for me to bring the truck back so that he could get the tire treatment out of the storage compartment.  He was finished the trailer...only the tires to do.

We brought the dining chairs back into the trailer and put things away...and got the campfire out.  It was time to relax after a busy work day...ok...a busy work day for Steve, I spent most of my time “supervising”.

Our neighbours, Doug and Zanna, joined us for happy hour.  They are total newbies to the full-time RV lifestyle, having just sold their home in White Rock.  We chatted about our experiences and they took notes on various websites, etc that we have found helpful.  They also spoke of their place in Costa Rica that Doug, in particular, loves to go to.  Zanna, on the other hand, enjoys it for about a month but then has had enough.  She is the one that is promoting full time RV travelling...she wants to see new places and new things.

Wednesday was another work day.  Steve was out fairly early getting started on his task for the day...washing the truck (he says that when it comes to washing it, he wishes it were a pickup truck!).  I sorted our dirty laundry and started on four loads...make umpteen million trips back and forth to the laundry room. 

Steve was just doing the tires (making them nice and shiny) when I headed off for a walk into Fort Langley.  When I got back, Steve was just finishing filling the water tank with fresh water...since we are going to be boondocking in parking lots for the next few days.  He had also flushed the black water holding tank...he had been a very busy boy today!

After putting the boat back on the truck, we joined Doug and Zanna for a drink at their place.  They showed us pictures of their place in Costa Rica...looks very lovely!  They have even said that we have a place to stay should be ever go there...now that is an awesome gesture...we might just have to take them up on their offer sometime!

We are leaving Fort Langley and BC tomorrow as we start our trek south.  We are looking forward to another season exploring the southern States.

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