Friday, September 7, 2012 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

I was awake early this morning...darned trains; guess I have to get used to them again!  It was just before 6:00 when I decided I might as well get up.  Almost 2 hours later, Steve finally crawled out of bed...he hadn’t had a very good sleep either—there seemed to be a lot more trains travelling last night.

My brother, Don, called just after 8:00...he thought he would drive out from Vancouver for a visit today.  Although we have spoken often, we haven’t seen each other since last November when we both were in Cabo San Lucas at the same time.  He hasn’t been well but thankfully is doing much better now.

Don arrived just before 11:00...we walked down to the main gate, met him and we walked back to our trailer.  It was hot outside and with no shade at our site yet, we sat inside where the air conditioner was keeping it cool.  We chatted for awhile and then decided to go out for a walk along the Fraser River path to Tavistock Point.  The path is shaded for the most part and we enjoyed a leisurely stroll to the point.  We were surprised at how low the water level is...what a difference from last spring!  Steve took a picture of me and my bro...

Once back at our site, the sun had moved around allowing for some shade so we sat outside and continued our visit.  It was after 3:00 when Don decided to head off.  I was going to get him to drop me off in Fort Langley so Steve said his goodbyes and Don and I walked back to the day-use area where his car was parked.  We had a good visit with was great seeing him and we are so glad that he is doing much better.

It was almost 4:30 when I got back to the trailer.  Steve was busy writing his email to Customer Service at BC Ferries.  With that done and sent, we relaxed outside with a bevie until it was time to head in for dinner.

After dinner, I had a call from one of my special friends, Glenna...we chatted for almost an hour!  We will be unable to connect while we are here but hopefully we’ll manage something at Christmas time.  I settled at the table with the laptop for the rest of the evening working on getting our blog ready for posting.  I have to get back into the routine of writing!

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