Tuesday, September 25, 2012 (Guaranty RV, Junction City, Oregon)

Although we weren’t booked in until 10:30, Steve thought he would go across to the Guaranty RV Service reception just after 8:30 and see if, by chance, they could get us in a little earlier.  He came back saying that they radioed the forklift driver, so we’d better hurry!  So I just left the dirty dishes and put the covers over the sink and got everything ready so we could put the sliders in.

Steve put our chairs out beside the truck...and there we sat...for over an hour...waiting.  John, our service rep, finally came sauntering over shortly after 9:30.  He went over everything with Steve...check brakes, repack bearings, fix a small tape strip on the slider that needed replacing, and re-connect the air-antenna (it had been disconnected when the fellows installed the satellite system a couple of years ago).

With all the paperwork taken care of, it was just a matter of the forklift coming over to pick up the fifth-wheel and take it over to the service bay.  I left Steve to wait for the fellow to come since he would have to take it off blocks...I took the laptop and headed over to the Customer Service Waiting Area that was in the parts store.

Well Steve waited and waited...the forklift didn’t come until 10:30...okay...so I guess they really couldn’t get started on it earlier after all!

I joined Rose and Monte in the waiting area...they were nice enough to share their table...and after setting up my laptop, got started on writing our journal.  Rather than write and post our blog daily during the rally, I had decided to wait until the end and just do a recap.  Sounded like a good idea at the time but now I had a lot of writing to do...and a lot of pictures to post!

A little while later, Steve came in and sat down...he was not very happy!  The service tech had run the front landing gear too high and now they and the rear stabilizers would not work at all!   Lovely!  This is not a good start!  Luckily, the end result (much later in the day) was okay...apparently there is a reset button that the techs did not even know about.  Thank-you Monte for pointing this out to them!!  Hmmm...doesn’t really instill a lot of trust in the techs...

Rose and Monte also have a Montana fifth-wheel...just a different model.  They are at Guaranty RV because one of their sliders does not fit properly...very bizarre...of course, when you’re looking at fifth-wheels the sliders are out.  It wasn’t until getting started on their full-time adventure that someone mentioned that the decals didn’t line up.  Keystone, the manufacturer of their rig, will not cover anything because the rig is out of warranty.  Luckily they purchased an extended warranty so now they are just waiting to see what that will cover...hopefully, LOTS!  They are not very happy campers...and have no idea how long getting the issue resolved is going to take.  We wish them good luck...it’s a tough start to their new lifestyle!

While we were there, Gina and DJ...two of the solo RVers from the rally...arrived to get estimates for work on their RVs.  It was about time for lunch, so the six of us (Rose, Monte, Gina, DJ, Steve and I) walked to a little funky cafe about 3 or 4 blocks away.  We enjoyed lunch chatting nonstop with our new friends.

After lunch, I returned with my laptop to the waiting area to continue writing while the others hung around outside chatting.  Steve came in and out...monitoring the status on our rig.  It was going on after 4:00 when John came in to say that the work on the slider would be finishing up soon.  By the way, the brakes, bearings and suspension all looked fine and the wheels were all back together...the tires had also been inflated to 80 psi. Unfortunately, they had not had time to work on the air-antenna issue.  Since we had an appointment at AM Solar first thing tomorrow morning, we would have to reschedule to have the rest of the work done.  We will be back first thing Thursday morning.

It was 5:00 when we left the service area after paying our bill...and headed over to where Monte and Rose along with Mike and Nancy had their rigs for service.  They were there for another night.  Gina was having the work done on her motor home on Thursday so she was set up in the camping area across the street.

After hugs and handshakes...and promises to stay in touch, we went back to get hitched up.  That went smoothly and we were on the road by 5:30 heading to AM Solar in Springfield.  We had arranged with them to stay overnight so that we would be there first thing in the morning.  About 35 minutes later we were pulling into their beautiful brick driveway...what lovely property they have right beside a small lake (well, apparently it’s really just a slough).  We were greeted by Mike who directed us up in front of the right-hand bay door...he also had a 50 amp power cord waiting for us.  Unfortunately, the cord didn’t quite reach our cord, so we had to opt for a longer30 amp power cord to connect to our 50 amp cord...that works just fine for us!

We did our usual minimal one-night stop set up and were soon sitting outside on the lovely brick driveway enjoying a cocktail before dinner.  We made a phone call to Rob and Angie (our son and daughter-in-law) and had a great chat with both of them.  Rob leaves for a moose hunting trip this Friday and is quite excited about it.  Of course, we wanted to wish him luck and stay safe!  Angie’s pregnancy is progressing well...only 4 more months to go!

After a quick dinner, we called Nadine and Mike (Steve’s sister and brother-in-law)...all seems well with them...no movement on Dad’s house yet though.  House sales have slowed down...figures...

Since we don’t have the air-antenna working yet...and of course, we didn’t set up the satellite dish, we have no TV to watch before bed...but we did have the season opener of Survivor to watch.  I had downloaded it since we missed it last Wednesday night (we didn’t get a chance to watch much TV at all last week...far too busy with the rally!!) 

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