Tuesday, June 14, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Good news today!  After waiting 5 days since being told the results were in, Steve finally heard back from the doctor’s office.   The ultrasound indicated nothing serious but the doctor (via the receptionist) said that if it is growing, then the cyst should be removed.  Now why couldn’t they have just told us that in the first place?  It is amazing how your mind conjures up all sorts of things after being told the doctor wants to talk to you face-to-face.

My sister-in-law, Suzanne is a nurse and just retired from working in a clinic in Kelowna.  She suggested that we come to Kelowna and she would contact the clinic and arrange for Steve to have the cyst removed there.  We were planning on heading east towards the Kootenay region of BC anyway and this would allow us to get going rather than have to wait here until Steve could get an appointment in Victoria (not to mention the added cost of the ferry trip).  Perfect...thanks, Suzanne!
Suzanne had left yesterday to visit her family in Edmonton but my brother, Dennis, was staying home (in Kelowna) so we were to contact him and he would call the clinic to tee-up a date.  So after Steve spoke with the doctor’s receptionist, I called Dennis...and within minutes, he called back with an appointment time at the clinic...next Wednesday at 10:22.  It all went pretty smoothly...other than a bit of an issue with the doctor not wanting to provide a referral letter.  Personally, I think she is miffed because we caused her more work with our questions over the telephone (due to our location) rather than just the usual office appointment.  As it turned out, the referral letter wasn’t an issue and our doctor was just going to fax the ultrasound results to the clinic in Kelowna.

So we are hitting the road this Thursday...YAY!  Rather than stay in one of the crowded RV resorts in Kelowna, we are going to Desert Lake RV Resort in Oliver.  We were there last July for a few days while visiting Dennis and Suzanne.  They still have their 5th wheel there, so we thought we would go back and stay there for a week or so...and then just drive the hour up to Kelowna for Steve’s appointment next Wednesday.
Well, if we are leaving Thursday, we had better get things cleaned up and ready to go!  Steve spent most of the day washing the truck while I did laundry and took care of all the arrangements with Dennis...and the doctor’s receptionist.  Tomorrow he wants to wash the trailer and I have to drive into Vancouver so we can return the car to Chris...and of course, the final hockey game starts at 5:00 p.m.!!  I think we are going to go out to The Fort Pub again rather than watch it by ourselves...so much more fun to be with a crowd of people when we see our beloved Canucks win the Stanley Cup!!
We are so excited about getting on the road again...it’s been two and a half months!! 

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