Thursday, June 9, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Well, we woke to cloudy skies this morning...there is the promise of sun breaking through later but I’ll believe it when I see it.  As usual, we had a very lazy morning.  I finally got our journal up dated and spent a portion of the morning choosing pictures and posting all to our blog.  I have been considering going back to a daily blog...maybe that would be the positive start to perhaps finally getting on the road again.

I chatted with our son, Chris, a couple of times.  He received an email from a company in California saying that his job application is not being considered at this time—he then checked their website again and noticed that the animator position he had applied for had been changed to a “temporary position”.  On a positive note, though, EA (Electronic Arts) in Burnaby have a short-term position available and want him to come in for an interview.  Chris is very talented (yeah...I know I’m a little biased!) and we have no doubt that he will be re-employed soon.  Here is the link to his website with a demo of his work... .  He has only worked on game animation but would like to try film animation so is planning to work on an acting animation and adding it to his portfolio.
We thought we would go for a nice long bike ride shortly after 11:00, we headed out on the Fort-to-Fort Trail.  We rode all the way to Edgewater Park, where Steve brought out his new camera.  It’s absolutely amazing how high the river has risen...
It's hard to see, but the camp host's satelite dish is actually now in the water...
Family of geese...

While stopped at the park for a break (and picture taking), I received a text from Chris saying that another big company in Vancouver was interested in him.  This job is permanent but they won’t have the details of the projects worked out for a few days.  They just wanted to let Chris know of their interest...sounds like they had quite a chat about Chris’ work.

On our ride back, I had a little mishap...we were riding up a hill and when I tried changing gears down to 1st, the chain slipped off and got wedged between the spoke guard and gears that (I believe) is supposed to prevent the chain from going (where it’s not supposed to go!).  It took quite awhile before Steve was finally able to free it...and after trying to clean all the grease off his hands by wiping them on the grass (of course, we had no tissues or rags or anything with us)...we were finally on our way.  We arrived home shortly after 2:00...and hungry for lunch...mmmm...barbequed hot dogs sound good!  We had ridden 16.34 kms...or just over 10 miles.
The rest of the afternoon was wasn’t particularly nice out so we stayed inside.  Steve watched videos that came with his and tips on photography...while I relaxed on the couch trying to read.  I finally decided to just put my book down and close my eyes.  I didn’t really sleep...just rested...something I certainly don’t do very often in the middle of the afternoon!
We were very disappointed that we hadn’t heard from the doctor’s office regarding Steve’s cyst.  After the great news yesterday and not expecting it for at least another week, we felt for sure we’d hear about the ultrasound results today.  After all, these results were only supposed to take a couple of days.  We understand from the doctor that there is a surgeon who schedules one day per week to take care of these “small surgeries”.  So we are really hoping that Steve can be scheduled next week...we are likely wishful thinking but it would be ideal if he could just get it over with.  We are really anxious to get back on the road!!

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