Thursday, June 16, 2011 (Travel day to Desert Lake RV Resort, Oliver, BC)

YAY, we’re hitting the road today...finally!  We were up early, packed up and ready to go by 9:30...but it wasn’t without a bit of a glitch.  When it came to hitching up the trailer to the truck, the trailer pin wouldn’t lock into the hitch...and then it basically got wouldn’t lock and it wouldn’t release...great.  So Steve took the WD40 to it and then I got back in the truck, put it in reverse and applied a little more force until we heard the familiar clunk.  Okay...that was the first of what was to be a rocky start to our morning.

After stopping at the office to return our gate card and say goodbye, we were on our way. is so good to be back on the road again....until we hit construction at Chilliwack on highway 1 east!  All traffic had to funnel into a single lane and traffic was backed up for took us well over a half hour to get through.  Okay...that’s #2 of our challenging morning.
We stopped to fuel up in Chilliwack and had to make two transactions on our Visa card for the two fuel tanks (on each side of the truck).  That’s when we were faced with the third challenge of the morning (they say it comes in three’s).  The first Visa transaction went through fine but when the clerk tried to put through the second, it was rejected...I would have to phone Visa.  I guess because I tried to do two transactions at the same place so close together, it was flagged at Visa.  We have done that many times in the past when filling up both sides of the truck but it was flagged as an unusual transaction.  They wanted to ensure that my card had not been compromised.  So all that took time to get straightened out but finally we were all fuelled up and on our way towards the Okanagan.
Tunnels on the Coquihalla Highway...yes, that is snow on the side of the highway...
Just a truckin' down the highway...

Okanagan Lake...

We arrived at Desert Lake RV Resort shortly after 4:00.  Dennis greeted us and helped Steve manoeuvre the truck into our pull-through site (after a little tree pruning) which was right across the street from his 5th wheel.  I received a royal greeting from Dunkin’ (their little Yorkie dog).  We got all set up and then sat outside and had a visit with Dennis.  Too bad Suzanne is not here...but she is now having fun down in Disneyland with her daughter and family from Edmonton and her son and family from Australia. 
After dinner we went for a walk with Dennis and Dunkin’ and then called it an early night.  We were both tired after our first travel day in almost two and half months!

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