Tuesday, September 21 to Monday, October 4, 2021 (Peace Arch RV Park)

Another couple of weeks have gone by...and as usual, since we aren't travelling, it hasn't been very exciting. We should be making last minute preparations for our trip south...but the border remains closed until "at least October 21". So that sucks...but we won't go on another rant about that. All we can do is hope that it opens this year.

Tuesday (Sept. 21) was an absolutely beautiful day! We took Buster out for a good run on the highway to Abbotsford to drop the quads off at GA Checkpoint Yamaha for servicing. On our way out, Steve suggested we go to Fort Langley afterwards. 

So we had a great 5km/3mile hike on a trail we have been on many times while staying at Fort Camping...to Tavistock Point...
The Fraser River...

After the trail, we crossed the bridge from Brae Island over the Fraser River...looking west...
And east...
With protocols in place at The Fort Pub, we showed our COVID Passport and ID...but were disappointed to see that all she did was look at them. Proper procedure is to scan each QR code and double check that against our ID. But I guess we could say....at least she asked for them!
Wednesday (Sept. 22) morning we had rain while having our coffee but by the time we were ready to go out for our morning walk, it had stopped so we decided to go to Cresecent Beach...it is becoming our favourite walking spot! Too bad it was such a dark grey day.
The sun actually came out later in the afternoon so after getting my hair cut and running some errands, we managed to sit outside. We also had a wonderful surprise visit from Steve's cousin, Gordon Jr. We sat outside catching up for just over 3 hours.
Thursday (Sept. 23) was pretty uneventful...we walked at Crescent Beach again in the morning, and went for a bike ride in the afternoon. The sun even came out in the afternoon allowing us to sit outside and read. It may be sunny but there is definitely the coolness in the air now.

Friday (Sept. 24) morning Steve had another great idea...lets go to Tynehead Regional Park for our walk. We discovered it last year and really enjoyed it. 

The little birds are very tame...thinking we have food in our hand. Sorry to disappoint! 
We walked the Nurse Stump Trail. Most of this stump has rotted away...
It's amazing having so many heavily forested parks within a large city...

Checking out the creek...

The park didn't disappoint...a beautiful walk!

Saturday (Sept. 25) was uneventful. We walk around the campground on the weekends, preferring to stay away from the parks on busy weekends. It was a fairly nice sunny day...but the last one, as rain is heading our way tomorrow.

And rain it did on Sunday (Sept. 26)...rain, rain, rain all day! Not just light sprinkles, but a major downpour! We hunkered down insided all day until it was time to head into Chris and Angela's place. We had another great visit and dinner with them...certainly enjoy our time with them and Isaac!

The following week was pretty much the same...our walks, bike rides, reading, laundry and routine chores. 

Our morning walk on Monday (Sept. 27) was at Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest. Steve snapped this picture of a leaf hanging in mid-air above the trail...caught in an invisible spider web...
It was fairly windy and a little rainy, but nothing like the rain yesterday!

Tuesday (Sept. 28) we changed up our walk by going to Crescent Park (not Beach)...another beautiful, densely treed park...

There was a small area where there was no ground cover...
Wednesday (Sept. 29) we had another major rainstorm come in. I had a very wet drive to my dentist appointment...where I spent a lovely couple of hours in a dental chair getting a broken crown prepped for a replacement. Not knowing if/when we'd get back down south, or even to our dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico, I decided I had better get the broken crown replaced before more damage was done by leaving it. That is setting us back $1500! Sheesh!

Thursday (Sept. 30)...and another great idea from Steve (he has had a number of them lately, LOL). It's raining again/still, so let's go out for lunch at Big Ridge Brewing! We were first introduced to this great brewpub a few years back by our good friends, Deb and Ray. Unfortunately with COVID, we haven't been there for a couple of years. We both enjoyed delicious choices...Steve, Grilled Prawn Clubhouse; and I had the Chicken Burger which was not any ordinary chicken burger! Grilled marinaded chicken thighs...absolutely delicious!
After lunch it had stopped raining, so we headed to Crescent Beach to walk off some of that wonderful lunch!

After experiencing a long drought we had record breaking rainfall in September. Not knowing if or when the border will open we decided to purchase a dehumidifier a few weeks ago. Last winter Ray and Deb lent us theirs and we were amazed how much water it removed. After much research Steve ordered the 22 pint  Frigidaire FFAD2233W1. Recommended settings are between 35-50 percent relative humidity. Steve set it to 40% and its removing 22 pints daily!
Friday (Oct. 1) and Saturday (Oct. 2) were chore days...Steve spent his time washing the trailer and I did chores inside. Exciting, huh? 
After a couple of busy chore days, Sunday (Oct. 3) and Monday (Oct. 4) were pretty chill...back to our usual route.

The tide at Crescent Beach was super low on Monday...

And...that again, brings us up-to-date!


  1. Really hoping the US opens the border soon!! It still makes no sense that Canadians can fly to the US but not drive across the border.

  2. You always have such beautiful parks around yet! Let’s hope Thr birder opens for you!

    1. Considering we are in a big city, it's wonderful there are so many beautiful parks!

  3. It looks like there are some really nice parks there. I am glad you are making the best of it.

    1. We're not used to staying in one spot...sure looking forward to traveling again!

  4. You are having some lovely walks in between shower days. :)