Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, September 13, 14 and 15, 2015 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

The first thing we noticed on Sunday once stepping out of the trailer was the stifling humidity was gone...there was definitely a change in the weather on it's way. But for today, it was still pretty nice out.

We had a relaxing day...highlighted by Chris coming out from Vancouver for a visit. Angela was busy with a wedding shower for her girlfriend, so we talked Chris into coming out by himself. He arrived around 11:30 and we chatted for a bit before going inside so he could show us pictures taken on their trip to Europe last July/August. Wow...what an awesome trip they had!

We took a break and Steve grilled burgers for lunch. We sat outside at the picnic table enjoying the sunshine. After seeing the rest of his pictures, it was time for Chris to head back into Vancouver. Considering he was only going to stay for a couple of hours, we lucked was after 3:00 by the time we walked with him back to where his car was parked in the day use area. Big hugs and plans for both he and Angela to come out next Sunday...and he was off.

I managed to get one load of laundry done before we sat outside visiting with Deb and Ray enjoying a cocktail.

While out visiting with Ray and Deb, Rob sent a text asking if we were available for a Skype betcha! So we excused ourselves and headed inside to fire up the laptop. Although it wasn't the best connection, it was still great seeing Rob and Angie...and our grandsons, Conner and Bryce. We'll be going over to the island mid-next looking forward to see them all.

Monday was a cooler day with some sun showing sporadically throughout the day. At 9:30 the phone was our doctor's office. Our appointments for this morning would have to be rescheduled...well, that sucks! Oh well, not much we can do about it...our appointments are now Friday afternoon. We had deliberately made early morning appointments because he has in the past been as much as 2 hours behind!

We decided to head into Langley anyways. Instead of phoning for appointments, Steve wanted to stop in at both Traveland RV and Gold Key Isuzu. Our first stop was Traveland where we wandered around their store and then made an appointment to take the trailer in on October 1 to get some maintenance work done...brake and bearings check, awning looked at...along with a couple of other things Steve wanted checked out.

After that we went to Gold Key...the persistent "squealing" that the exhaust brake on the truck makes is getting old...very old! This is the sixth time, I think, that we have had it in. We leave after they say they have found out what the problem is and fixed it...only to have it start again. So after a long conversation with Dave, Steve will be taking the truck in again on Thursday.

Once home, we had lunch and then Steve offloaded the boat while I started on what would end up being five loads of laundry. He also ended up washing and waxing the boat and I also did some baking and puttered around cleaning inside the trailer.

Tuesday morning we had rain...yup, definitely a change in the weather! From shorts and flip-flops and hot humid temps on jeans and jackets on today.

When the rain stopped, we thought we'd get out for a walk. Armed with our umbrellas "just in case", we headed over the bridge and decided to walk the trail along the riverfront.

We stopped for coffee at a cafe along the waterfront before continuing home. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on our blog posts...finally getting them caught up...while Steve relaxed in his chair watching "his shows" on TV.

I did get invited out to go shopping with Deb...but I "was on a roll" and really wanted to get our blog finished. Thanks for the invite, time, okay?

After dinner, we had a lovely Skype call with Steve's Uncle and Aunt (Gordon and Esther) from Edmonton. They have had a very busy summer and are now looking forward to a trip to Croatia in a couple of weeks. Before we/they know it, October and November will be over with...and we will be connecting with them in Cabo San Lucas! Looking forward to it!


  1. You have had a busy blogging day my friend!!!.. Great job catching up!!!
    Miss you both 💕

  2. I bet the break in the weather was welcome. Nothing I hate more than hot and humid! Don't worry, cooler temps are on the way.......

    1. You bet, Jim! Looks like rainy weather has settled in for now. Looking forward to heading south in October!