Wednesday, June 11, 2014 (Travel to Tamihi Creek Rec Site, Chilliwack, BC)

All went smoothly on our pack up this morning...considering we haven't been through our routine for about two and half months! Well...all went smoothly until we did our break-away cable brake test and it failed to stop the trailer. Also the manual break test on the brake module failed to activate the brakes. Steve was hoping that after sitting for two and half months that the brakes were just "stuck". After driving for a few minutes, they activated and life was good....whew! No need to stop at Fraserway RV!

We headed east on Hwy 1 and stopped at a rest stop just east of Abbotsford to fill up with fresh water...

Then continued to our destination...Tamihi Creek Rec Site on the Chilliwack River about 12 kms from Chilliwack. We stopped at the large open area just off the road so we could walk into the main campground area. We're not sure if we could get into any of the spots there and wanted to check it out before driving in. As it turned out, there was a site (#30) backing right onto the river...perfect!

After getting all set up, including the satellite dish, it was time to off-load the quads...

This is great of BC's many recreation sites that we can get into! The access is even off a paved road. There are no hook ups but for $13/night we have plenty of sunlight for our solar plus a satellite signal...the only downside is that there is no cell service, which also means no MiFi service, so no internet.
After we were all finished with our work, we went for a walk around the campground. It's a fairly large campground with about 108 sites (I think). The area we are in is a bright, open area but the majority of sites are in a heavily forested area.

The Chilliwack River is very high right now and just raging!

These are a couple of the sites in the forest...and they are angled nicely too...

Tamihi Creek...

Tamihi Creek flowing into the Chilliwack River in the distance...campground on left

 Group Site....

Mommy giving Stevie crap for being so close to the river... is good!

This blog post is being done rather hastily from a Starbucks in Chilliwack. Needless to say, since we have no internet at the campground, my blog is going to get behind. We plan on staying here for a stay tuned!


  1. Life Is Good and you have found the perfect spot. I believe I can hear the raging water on the river through your photos:o)) Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!

  2. Nice spot!!! And yes, it looks like life is very good.

  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new camp at Tamihi Creek. Hope the weather stays good for you. We are taking a quick trip in the car to Vancouver from Merritt today for a couple of days to celebrate Ray's moms 90 birthday.