Friday, September 12 to Wednesday, September 18, 2013 (Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

We were up early Friday morning but by the time we had done our exercises, showered, had breakfast and cleaned up, it was after 10:30 by the time we headed off.  We had shopping to do today...mainly for cleaning supplies so that we could get working on the truck and trailer.  Everything is so dirty...they have never been so filthy!

Before going to Walmart, though, Steve wanted to see if he could find a switch the same size as the one that had blown.  We ended up going back to Vancouver Axle, where the air bags had been installed.  They didn't have the switch in however could order it and we could pick it up later.

We picked up supplies at Walmart, made a stop at Costco, and then went back to Vancouver Axle to pick up the switch.

That evening we walked into Fort Langley to the Fort Pub to finally celebrate Steve's birthday (August 24) with a dinner out.

Saturday was a work day!  I worked on my blog while having my morning coffee and then after breakfast, Steve headed outside to get started on the truck  I decided to go out for a power walk before I got started on the inside. 

We both had a busy work day...but by the end of it, the truck was clean and so was the inside of the trailer!

Sunday was another work day...especially for Steve.  After breakfast, he went out to get started on the trailer roof.  His initial plan was to just hose it down and give it a good scrubbing another time.  But once he got up there, it was so dirty he decided to deal with it now.

Once I had finished doing my cleanup inside, I went out to give Steve a hand.  By this time, he had finished washing the roof and was now working on the rest...but there wasn't much I can do except hold the water hose and rinse off the soap.

At about 2:00, I walked into Fort Langley to pick up a few groceries.  Chris and Angela are coming out from Burnaby and staying for dinner....I am so looking forward to seeing them!  About an hour later they arrived.  Steve hadn't quite finished washing the trailer, so while he was doing that, the kids came in and chatted with me while I chopped up veggies for a greek salad. 

Once Steve was finished and had a shower, we all sat outside visiting.  Our neighbor had given us a bunch of firewood this morning when he left, so we thought we would get a campfire going.  Of course, shortly after Steve got the fire going, it started raining...sheesh!  So we all retreated was almost dinner time anyway.

It was about 7:30 when Chris and Angela left.  We had had a great visit with them!  I will be spending some time with them in a couple of weeks when Steve and I have our separate "vacations"...I am sure looking forward to it!

I was up before 5:30 Monday morning...I couldn't sleep and I hate just laying there, so I decided to get up and put the coffee on.  It had rained heavily all night and continued on and off for the rest of the day. (Of course...we just washed everything!)

At about 8:30, I headed out for my morning power walk...yes, in the rain!  Steve spent the morning relaxing in his chair, watching TV and editing our Alaska trip pictures.  It just wasn't a very nice morning out there. I worked on the blog...getting there...slowly...

At about 1:00 Steve decided to get out for a walk while I continued working on the blog.  He walked the trail down to Tavistock Point on the Fraser River...

I was sitting at the table with the laptop when I heard a vehicle...I looked out the window and saw a woman waving wildly at me.  It took me a few seconds to realize who it was....Lisa and Neil were just arriving...they are the couple that we had met here a couple years ago. They were here when we arrived last May but left shortly after, so we only had one evening to catch up with them.

Once Steve was back from his walk, he puttered around the truck for a bit...he is dropping it off for a check up at Gold Key Isuzu/GMC  this afternoon. They want it overnight so that they can check it out first thing in the morning when it is still cold.  The truck seems louder than normal when cold, has just started surging or jerking at low speeds, plus we wanted the air hose that blew off the turbo inspected. Before we left, we popped over to say hi to Neil and Lisa and made plans for dinner at the pub tomorrow night.

When Steve left for Gold Key, I walked into town to Sweetgrass Naturals to see Carol.  We got caught up and I also stocked up with vitamins...she was having a half price sale...nice!

Steve arrived home shortly after I did.  Gold Key's shuttle had dropped him off...much better than having to pay for a taxi!  I had been putting off printing more "business" cards, so I decided to power up the printer.  Well...I spent the next couple of hours trying to get the wireless printer to work!  I finally got the printer and the router to talk to each other but getting the laptop and the router to communicate took a little longer but I persevered and got it figured out.

Once that was done, the test pages were blank so I figured the ink must be's been awhile since I have used the printer. Luckily I had spare ink cartridges and once changed, it printed fine...YAY!

Tuesday morning I actually slept was 7:15 when I crawled out of bed!  After our usual coffee start to the day, I headed out on my powerwalk.  The rest of the day was more work...I did laundry and worked on our blog while Steve continued washing the trailer, finishing up the under-carriage and wheels. About mid-afternoon, he went to pick up the truck at Gold checked out all okay and there was no charge.  Good news! They said the engine sounded normal, checked the injectors and fuel delivery system and found no cause for the surging and jerking...perhaps an issue with the fuel. The turbo airline was fine.

Shortly after 5:00, we met Neil and Lisa and walked into town to the Fort Pub.  We had a great evening catching up over drinks and dinner...

...and then went back to their place for a nightcap sitting outside by the (propane) campfire.

Wednesday was basically spent packing and getting ready for our trip "home" to the island.  We will be spending about a week at Rob and Angie's and then Steve and I will be taking our separate vacations...he is going hunting/fishing up island with "the guys" and I will be going back to the mainland to have a "girls" weekend followed by a visit with our son, Chris. We both can hardly wait to see our grandson, Conner!  He's grown so much since we last saw him (in person)!!

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