Thursday, September 1 to Friday, September 16, 2022 (Peace Arch RV Park, Surrey, BC)

Another couple of weeks have slipped by since we returned from Vancouver Island. The main theme for the first week or so, was cleaning...yup, time to get serious about getting the rig and truck ready for our trip south next month!

However, before getting to that, there were a couple of other things to take care of. So Thursday (Sept. 1), I headed out grocery shopping while Steve worked on picture editing. The updated Lightroom program he uses is somewhat different from what he had been used to on the old laptop, so that is taking some getting used to!

Friday (Sept. 2) morning Steve got started with the work...first of all, was washing the truck. While he did that, I cleaned up inside and got started on a blog update...reliving the great week we had on the Island.

Saturday (Sept. 3) morning, Steve was back out finishing up the truck...big job polishing the wheels! He also waxed the boat.
Sunday (Sept. 4) was a cloudy day with some rain...basically a one-day blip in a long stretch of beautiful weather.

At 3:00, we headed into Chris and Angela's for a visit and dinner. They have nice new living room furniture...
Another great visit, as usual!

Monday (Sept. 5) we were back to blue sky and sunshine! We put the boat back on Buster and Steve waxed the cab of the truck. 
I sat outside in the sunshine knitting👍.

Tuesday (Sept. 6) morning we battled the traffic, driving to North Vancouver for Steve's annual dermatologist appointment. He was done quickly...after the doctor took a biopsy of a small spot on his forehead.

Home by noon, we had lunch then went outside to move things out of the way in preparation for washing the trailer tomorrow.

On Wednesday (Sept. 7), we both got started on cleaning the trailer. I worked inside, starting with the bedroom, washing walls and windows and managed to get it finished along with the hallway and bathroom. Steve washed the outside, starting with the roof, slide toppers, awning, and door side of the trailer only so we could set up our things again. That was enough for today, tomorrow he'll wash the rest of the trailer.
It was also the first day of school for our grandsons, Conner and Bryce. Thanks for this picture, Angie! Conner is in grade 4 and Bryce, grade 2...already! 
Thursday (Sept. 8)...and more cleaning! Steve finished washing the trailer while I worked inside, finishing all the walls and cabinets, vacuuming and washing floors. glad to have that job done!

Friday (Sept. 9), Steve here...I finished off the trailer by cleaning and protecting the graphics...what a job! Our decals are faded and cracking. A few years ago an RV Detailer we used in Yuma said to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser when washing to remove the oxidation. A former employee from a local RV dealer said they use 303 Aerospace Marine Protectant to seal and protect from UV damage. Some of the decal colours tend to run when waxing so these treatments have helped somewhat.
Saturday (Sept. 10) afternoon Chris, Angela and Isaac arrived for a visit. It was perfect weather to spend some time in the pool! And good timing too as it was the last weekend before they closed the pool...
Shortly after the kids arrived, our good friends, Harry and Vicki, arrived to spend a few day with us. They are on their way back down from Alaska and we were so happy when they made time in their itinerary to stop here before crossing the border back into the US.

They pulled into the site next to us and after big hugs, we left them to get set up...before joining us for happy hour. Angela, Isaac, Chris, Harry, Vicki and Steve...
As summer winds down, I don't think there will be many more outside meals! Isaac enjoying dessert... 
Sunday (Sept. 11) was a bit of a work day. After a number of overnight stops on the way down, Harry and Vicki were looking forward to just staying still in one spot for 5 nights. But alas, it wasn't just to be spent "just relaxing"...their truck and trailer needed to be washed, as did the laundry! So I joined Vicki in doing laundry while Harry tackled the truck and trailer.

After dinner, they came over for a few games of Rummikub!
Monday (Sept. 12) morning Steve decided to take advantage of an empty campsite behind us to wash the car. That's Harry and Vicki's Lance Trailer on the right...and it looks like Harry is chillaxing with a book!
Friends, Dave and Leslie, happen to be on their way home to Edmonton, Alberta from Victoria so are stopping here for the night...and it's perfect timing with Harry and Vicki here too! We met them at Browns Social House for lunch. Harry, Steve, Dave, Leslie, me and Vicki...a mini reunion!
Back at our place, we had a great time catching up...over happy hour(s)...
And dinner...
And finally, dessert around the campfire...
Tuesday (Sept. 13) morning we said goodbye to Dave and glad they spent the night with us! Always good seeing them! Looking forward to spending more time with them in Yuma this November!

With 2 days left before Harry and Vicki leave, we wanted to show them some of the sights here in the Greater Vancouver area. So we started with a popular spot...Granville Island...
In the 1970’s, Granville Island began its successful transformation from an industrial wasteland to one of the most beloved public spaces in Vancouver.

As Vancouver’s premier artistic and cultural hub, located in an urban, waterfront location and steeped in a rich industrial and maritime heritage, this unique destination attracts millions of visitors each year from Vancouver and around the world.

The charm of Granville Island lies in its unexpected mix of uses. The famous Public Market, open daily from 9 am to 7 pm, is home to more than 50 independent food purveyors and contributes to the Island’s appeal as a renowned culinary destination. In the Net Loft Shops and Railspur District, many of Canada’s best artists and designers can be found. Granville Island is home to many cultural venues and hosts numerous performing arts and cultural festivals year-round.

Operationally self-sustaining, Granville Island is home to more than 300 businesses employing more than 3,000 people.

We took a walk through the Public Market...such a busy spot, even on a Tuesday morning!
And then we wandered around checking out all of the little shops...a lot of the time leaving the guys outside waiting LOL! 
Even though we had a blue sky it was still too smoky to see the North Shore mountain range...
Before leaving, we had to stop for a brew at Granville Island Brewing...Canada's first microbrewery! (Vick’s photo)
Next on the agenda was a tour of the waterfront...English Bay, Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, Canada Place, and False Creek, where we stopped for a late lunch at Craft Beer Market...
Welcome to CRAFT False Creek, located in the iconic Salt Building in the heart of Olympic Village. Originally built in the 1930s the building was brought back to life in the lead up to the 2010 Olympics to host athletes from around the globe before becoming CRAFT Beer Market.

Kegs on display from many different micro breweries....
They have 100 different beers on tap and each one of those pipes holds 20 refrigerated lines...
Tuesday's specials are $5 burgers, and $5 beers...bonus! (Vicki’s photo)
Needless to say, after a late lunch, we weren't hungry for dinner, so when Harry and Vicki came over for another evening of Rummikub, they brought cheese and crackers...perfect! Thanks guys!

Wednesday (Sept. 14) morning we started out with a driving tour of Crescent Beach and White Rock...then we drove out to Fort Langley. 

Since it was almost noon by the time we got out there, so we decided to have lunch at The Fort Pub first...
(Vicki’s photo)
The special today was a Blue Cheese Burger, served on a blue bun...interesting! Harry decided to give it a try...
With our bellies full, we headed over to Fort Langley National Historic Site...
Experience the excitement of the early West Coast fur trade at Fort Langley and stand in the spot where BC was proclaimed a British colony in 1858. Explore the scenic fort—built by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1827—where fur traders once exchanged furs, salmon and cranberries with Indigenous communities. The Fort Langley National Historic Site is packed with interactive displays and activities for the whole family, including a children’s play area. Watch blacksmithing, barrel-making or historic weapons demonstrations, pan for gold and laugh along with an interpretive program.

In 1846, the border with the US was settled. The HBC needed to keep its trade goods in British territory, north of the border. Fort Langley was ideally positioned as the link between the interior HBC posts and the Pacific Ocean (and ultimately Britain). Soon fur brigades were coming and going, delivery furs to Fort Langley and leaving with trade goods and provisions for the remote posts.

In 1858 gold was discovered on the Fraser River which changed everything. Fort Langley went from a modest trade and provisioning post to the centre of a gold rush as 30,000 miners came calling.

Fearful of an American takeover of the resource-rich region, the British government quickly made a move. Right here on November 19, 1858, the newly sworn in Governor James Douglas proclaimed the Colony of British Columbia.

Eight years later, in 1866, the Colony of British Columbia merged with the Colony of Vancouver Island, with Victoria as the capital. Then in 1871, British Columbia became a province of Canada.

After paying our entrance fee at the Visitors Centre, we headed into the fort... 
Our first stop was the Cooperage...
Where they built barrels that were used to ship salmon to Hawaii, cranberries to California, as well as farm produce and other goods...
This lady weaves hats and baskets...
He was making a gardening tool...
Inside the Storehouse...Built in the 1840's, the Storehouse is the only remaining original building at Fort Langley. The rest were constructed more recently.
The elderly lady behind the counter was having a coughing fit so we didn't hang around to hear what she had to say...

The white building is called the "Big House" and was home to the forts managers. It was reconstructed in 1958, 100 years after the Colony of British Columbia was announced here...
This is the kitchen area behind the Big House...

A look inside a Bateau river boat used to transport furs to Fort Langley from the interior on the Fraser River...

Servants Quarters...

We've been here before when there's been much more interactive activity going on, but with the tourist season over and schools back in it was much more low key, but still interesting.

We finished our afternoon in Fort Langley by stopping at Trading Post Brewing for...well, you know...a brew! 
We sat on the patio but they also have a nice open area...used to be their parking lot but with Covid, I believe they decided to make better use of the area.
Again, we ended the day by having a games night. This time we decided to introduce them to marbles. Another fun evening!
Thursday (Sept. 15) morning we said goodbye to Harry and Vicki at 7:30. It was absolutely wonderful seeing and spending time with you both! We look forward to meeting up again this winter in Q!

Steve here...We feel fortunate to have had visits over the years from fellow RV Dreamers south of the border. Steve and Red had conversed on the RV Dreams forum, but we first met Red and Pam in 2014 on their return from Alaska to the US. 
(Tavistock view point on Brae Island - Fort Camping)
In 2014 Jim and Barb stalked us in Quartzsite, and visited on their way to Alaska in 2016. 
(Victoria's Inner Harbour)
Mark and Patty visited us in 2017 when we were work camping at Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park. We met them at the 2012 RV Dreams Rally in Harrisburg, Oregon and were on their way to Vancouver for an Alaska Cruise.
We also met Harry and Vicki at the 2012 RV Dreams Rally. They visited once before in 2019 for a day visit from Port Angeles. 
(Victoria from Mount Tolmie)
And from north of the border...
Dave was a lurker on our blog. The first time he commented was because we were nearby in Edmonton, Alberta, and he wanted to know if we would be interested in meeting and ATVing in their area. Taking a chance that he wasn't a mass murderer, we met him on the side of the highway. 😂
(At their former Bonnyville home on acreage with Leslie)
We sure have met some fabulous people over the years! I wonder who our next visitors will be...

We decided to drive to Crescent Beach for our walk today. Other than that both today and Friday (Sept. 16) were spent taking care of errands, along with a little shopping. Fall is definitely in the air as the nights are getting longer and cooler...time to put the winter bedding back on the bed!


  1. How great to see Vicki, Dave and Leslie! Oh, and that guy that mooches off Vicki. All great people. If I didn't know any better I'd say you have a drinking problem, but I know better. We know who that bad influence was in that group!

    1. Coming from somebody that visited every distillery and micro brewery on their Maritime tour you guessed was Harry!

  2. What a great week of visiting. I bet you are glad all your cleaning is done and you are ready for your trip south.

    1. Always fun catching up with everyone! As we all know cleaning is no fun.

  3. It looks like they had some great tour guides and fun times where a plenty.

    1. Lots of laughs...will you guys be our next visitors?

  4. Definitely jealous of how clean you have everything, we're not there yet! Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality for our quick stop. So much fun to get together with all of you even briefly. You really kept the fun rolling with Harry & Vicki, 100 craft beers on tap could be dangerous! So glad you guys took a chance on a couple Albertan creepers lol. So much fun over the years.
    Note: No dogs were pictured in this blog post because .... well I think we know why don't we ;)

    1. So glad we took a chance on you and you weren't a mass murderer...we've had some great times with you guys! We hardly ever saw Harry and Vicki's dogs so no photos :)

  5. Steve,
    Just wondering what that special contraption is that you put onto your drill bit extension to clean the wheels? Looks like it can go around the lug nut covers, which are always a pain. Did you buy it somewhere, or make it up yourself? Also, what cleaner/polisher do you find works best for those wheels? Thanks!

    1. I used the Mothers Power Ball 2 Polisher and Autosol Metal Polish from Canadian Tire.

  6. What fun times! I can’t believe you’ll be heading south already. Looks like a great visit with Harry and Vicki! Sure wish we could get up there! Hopefully in 3 years. I can’t believe you got all that cleaning done in 2 days Dianne! Takes me a week! Great job as always Steve!

    1. Thanks Debbie. The summer has certainly flown by and we are looking forward to hopefully seeing ya'll down south.