Wednesday, July 21 to Monday, July 26, 2021 (Peace Arch RV Park, Surrey, BC)

Wednesday was a beautiful day with highs in the mid 20's C. Steve was out fairly early to wash the before it got too hot. It goes in for a service tomorrow and he always likes to take our vehicles in clean!

I spent a good part of the day on the laptop  researching...first of all I wanted to get an idea of how much our travel medical insurance will cost. We go through Costco which uses Manulife...we have found it to be the best cost. They have a quote feature where you go fill out the online questionnaire....all I can say at this point is yikes! Much more costly now...I'm sure there are a number of factors involved, but one is definitely because we are 65! 

I also started researching flights from Vancouver to Kona, Hawaii...I couldn't get the booking I wanted on Maui, so decided on the Big Island instead. I hadn't really thought too much about booking airfare yet...May, 2022 is a long way off, but after our happy hour with Tracy and Colin yesterday, they suggested the sooner, the better as prices are expected to really jump.

Other than getting out for a walk and a bike ride around the campground for some exercise, we really didn't do much...pretty boring LOL!

Thursday (July 22) morning Steve joined me for a walk around the campground and then headed off to Midway Mazda for the service appointment for the car.

He was back just after noon, we had lunch and then it was my turn to go out...for a little grocery shopping. When I got back, I walked down to check out the opened today!

And that was pretty much our day until it was time to go over to Tracy and Colin's site for happy hour. 
We enjoyed a great couple of hours visiting with them! They leave tomorrow morning...but don't have far to go as they live in Coquitlam. It was a nice little camping trip for them. 

We woke to clouds Friday (July 23) morning...the forecast is for mainly sun, so I expect them to burn off quickly. 

This morning we decided to go to Campbell Valley Regional Park for a hike...a spot we found last summer and really enjoyed it. On our way out of the campground, we stopped to say goodbye to Tracy and Colin...looking forward to seeing you again this summer!

We decided to take a different trail than we did last time we were here. It started on the main trail and then we took the Vine Maple trail that went through a very treed area and was much more narrow than the main trail. 

We continued onto the Perimeter trail but it ended up being rather open so at our first opportunity we headed back into the park, taking the Shaggy Mane Trail. It is a trail shared with horses...which was very evident by the amount of horse poop on the trail! After dodging it for quite a long time, we finally came back to the Perimeter trail that finished back at the parking lot. A great hike!

Saturday (July 24) afternoon, Chris, Angela and Isaac came out for a visit...and a swim in the pool!
One of the ladies lounging next to us insisted Steve get into a picture too...
They resurfaced the area around the pool last summer when we were here but due to COVID they couldn't open the pool...
After about an hour and a half at the pool, we went back to our site and enjoyed a wonderful visit...and dinner outside...

Sunday (July 25) and Monday (July 26)....and more beautiful, hot days! We really didn't do much Sunday...except head back to the pool for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Monday I did laundry and Steve puttered around with the car, both of us getting ready for our road trip tomorrow. 

We took the truck out for a run and then parked it back in our site. Steve prefers it there where he can put the wheel covers on and have it handy for anything he needs from it...whereas I prefer to have the car in our site, so much more convenient. Who is going to win? Hmmmm....probably Steve LOL!

So we leave for Alberta tomorrow...our first road trip in the car (other than back and forth to Tunkwa). Steve's Uncle Gord is turning 80 (but going on 60 :) and we want to be there to help him celebrate. Unfortunately, their plans for a big party didn't pan out because they could not find a venue big enough. I guess with COVID restrictions easing, all the places have been booked for weddings, etc! Oh well...we are still going to go and are looking forward to seeing them! Dave and Leslie just happen to live outside of we're looking forward to seeing them as well!

Stay tuned for our next blog telling you all about our trip!


  1. Love the trees. How’s the fire? Have fun in Alberta!

    1. We currently have 253 wildfires, down from over 300. I’m sure we’ll be in plenty of smoke on our way to Alberta.

  2. Hawaii next year will be fun! What time of the year do you plan on going?

    1. Next May for our 40th anniversary. We went to Maui on our honeymoon. So back to Hawaii seemed like a good idea 😊

  3. The pool looks lovely. Glad you got a chance to use it this year.

    1. Us too! It's a beautiful area with the gardens surrounding it.

  4. Wow having a pool nearby must be nice! Looks like fun. See you soon and safe trip.

    1. Awesome to have the pool open now! Looking forward to seeing you guys 😊