Tuesday, July 6 to Monday, July 12, 2021 (Coquitlam, BC)

Tuesday was another warm day...I thought that we'd quickly get the blog done and then be able to go shopping for shoes, but by the time it was done and published, it was going on 3:00. Guess we'll wait until tomorrow!

Chris worked from home today because he had an appointment to take his cat, Dexter, to the vet. Poor kitty has lost a lot of weight and is having trouble holding his food down, so he is getting an ultrasound today. He dropped a not very happy Dexter (he doesn't like car rides) off at  the vet at 10:00 a.m.

Grampa and Isaac had fun building with Duplo....
Italy is playing in the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Euro20 soccer finals, so Angela (and Isaac) are going to watch the game with her whole family at her parent's place. They left around 11:00...look at this cute little dude all set for the game wearing his jersey...
Chris got the call to pick up Dexter just before 2:00. They had given him something to calm him and the poor guy was having trouble walking in a straight line! Chris is to get the results of the ultrasound tomorrow.

It was a warm evening, so we spent the evening sitting outside on the deck. Isaac playing in his tent...
Wednesday (July 7) was a cloudy day and cooler...a nice change! We headed off just after 9:30...to Coquitlam Centre. It has been a long time since we have been in a mall! But our mission today was to find new walking shoes. We were successful at Sport Chek...the largest Canadian retailer of sporting clothing and sports equipment, with 191 stores throughout Canada as of 2020. They didn't have exactly what we were looking for, but close enough...I got a pair of New Balance runners and Steve, Merrells (he previously had Keens).

After lunch at the food court in the mall, we went to Mundy Park to break in our new footwear. 
Mundy Park at 176 hectares, is the largest park in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The park has many walking trails that pass the park's two lakes - Mundy Lake and Lost Lake. There are also sports fields, a lacrosse box, an outdoor swimming pool, disc golf area, picnic area, and playground.

A great 4.5 km/2.8 mile walk on a lovely trail...
An old gnarly stump... 
A nurse stump...

Back home, we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to head over to Angela's parents place for dinner. Chris met us there after work. It was so good seeing Lucy and Luigi after so long! As usual, they treated us like royalty...we ate and drank way too much LOL!

Isaac fed the Coy fish below the waterfall...
Angela, Luigi, Lucy, Isaac, Chris, Steve and me...
Isaac playing in Grampa's hoodie pocket...
Thursday (July 8) was another cloudy, cooler day. Steve and I looked after Isaac while Angela went out to an appointment. She was back shortly after noon, we had lunch and then Steve and I went over to Mundy Park for another walk in this beautiful park. We took a different trail this time, going around Mundy Lake...
And then the Nature Interpretive Trail. Steve inside an old stump...
A nurse log...
Friday (July 9) we were back to sunshine and warmer temps. Just before 11:30 Angela and I left Isaac with Grampa and we headed off for a pedicure appointment, a little shopping...and lunch. We had a great time! I thoroughly enjoyed getting out for some girl time!

When we left Grampa and Isaac were playing with Play Doh....
While we were gone, Angela's dad, Luigi...aka 'Nonno' to Isaac...came over. So Isaac had both grandfathers for a few hours...they picked plums off the tree in the backyard.

Later on, Isaac decided to get his "golf clubs" out and we hit a few balls...
Grampa's turn...
Saturday morning (July 10) both Chris and Angela had appointments to get their eyes checked...they headed off just before 9:30. Grampa and Gramma got to look after Isaac. So much fun playing with him...he's quite a character. Steve decided to introduce him to some of the cartoons that were around years ago...like Yogi Bear and The Racoons.

Chris and Angela got home around 12:30 and Chris grilled hot dogs for lunch...the rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxing, as we just hung out on the patio reading. Steve and I did get out for a bit of a walk up the street and back...not gone long, as it was too hot!

Gramma got a big hug this afternoon! 💗
After dinner, we went back outside and relaxed on the deck...and after Isaac went to bed, Chris lit the propane firepit. A lovely evening outside!

Sunday morning (July 11th) after breakfast, Chris and Angela decided to give Isaac a haircut...something he wasn't particularly fussy about. He wasn't very happy about it but he eventually calmed down and mom was able to finish up (I think a little bribery came into play LOL)...
Just before 10:30, Steve and I headed back over to Mundy Park for a walk...this time we were meeting Steve's cousin (in-law) and a dear friend, Glenna. Even though we spent last summer in the lower mainland (Greater Vancouver area), due to COVID, we didn't get together with family, other than Chris, Angela and Isaac, so it has been a long time since we've seen Glenna. It was a little busy at the park (of course, it's Sunday!) but we still enjoyed a wonderful walk and a great visit with her!
When we got home, Chris, Angela and Isaac had already left. Today is the final game of the Euro20 soccer game...Italy vs England. Angela's family were all gathering at her parents place to watch the game and, of course, route for Italy! And Italy won! Big celebrations!

Steve did some picture editing and I worked on a blog update...other than that, we just chilled all afternoon.

Monday (July 12)...and the start of another warm day. Another 'heat wave' has been forecast over the next week...sheesh!

Steve was outside by 8:30 washing the car before it got too hot out. So I will have a clean car to drive to my hair cut appointment. After my 10:00 hair appointment, I ran a few errands and was back around noon.

After lunch we went to Mundy Park for another hike...it's nice there because on these hot days, most of the trails are in dense forest, so very well shaded.

When we got back from the hike, we received information about the status of Tunkwa due to the wildfire. The fire continues to be out of control and they have been unable to establish a good guard, so the park will remain closed. Because of this uncertainty, we decided it would be best to get our rig and boat out while we could. But where to go? There are so many wildfires (over 300) burning in BC and so much smoke!  After much discussion about our options, I called Peace Arch RV Park in Surrey where we spent last summer (and where we were booked for September 1), just to see if there was any chance of getting in. Well, I think my timing could not have been better...she said a site would be available July 15! Yes!

So tomorrow we will leave here, stop at Merritt to pick the truck up and go to the lake to get our home on wheels!

With those plans made, we enjoyed dinner and our last evening out on the patio. Big hugs for Grampa...
And a selfie...
We've had such a good visit with Chris, Angela and Isaac...and we look forward to seeing them even more now that we will be spending the rest of the summer on the coast.


  1. How nice to get extra family time. Yay Italy! I’m gosh happy you got your rig snd bust back with no problems or theft. Score on getting in the other RV park too. I’ll bet with all the fires it’s not too easy.
    So how is Kitty?

    1. Yes, we were very happy that all was fine. Glad to have gotten it out safely. Not the summer we had planned but so happy to have gotten a site back down at the coast. It is the best thing to do with all the fires and smoke.
      Kitty has bowel inflammation and is on steroids now. He seems to be eating and doing much better...just tough giving him the meds!

  2. Good to hear you are able to get your rig out.

    1. For sure! Sure hope the fires don't make it to the park, it would be a devastating loss.

  3. Those nurse stumps sure are interesting. So glad that you were able to get back to your rig!

    1. I always find the variety in the nurse stumps and logs fascinating too. It was a major relief getting home to find all was well.

  4. Very glad you are seeing Tunkwa in your "rear view mirror". See you here at the lake this summer :)

  5. Reading on the laptop for once so I can comment.....super glad you are both safe and happy playing with Isaac! Good that your rig and quads are back where they should be and that you found a site to stay in. That is really fortunate in the summer! Look forward to seeing you both soon. Stay safe.

    1. Yes, we definitely lucked out getting a site here! It will be great to take some road trips this summer and not worry about leaving the rig. Looking forward to seeing you guys too.