Thursday, November 12 to Monday, November 30, 2020 (Oceanside RV Resort, Saanichton, BC)

Here we are...another few weeks have passed and as I look back on the notes I jot down daily, well it's pretty much a repeat of the day before. So I won't bore you with the details of our daily living...gee, it's going to be nice when we are able to travel again!

We've had a number of cold, wet, blustery days but for the most part, we try to at least get out for a walk around the campground. Weather permitting, we try to drive into Sidney and walk the waterfront. Along with that, our days consist of a lot of TV watching, reading, knitting (me...Steve hasn't taken that up yet, LOL) and of course, laundry, shopping and household chores when necessary. We've even got out for a few 'drives'...just for a change of scenery.

 But BC, as with the rest of Canada, is experiencing a huge uptick in Covid-19 cases, so some additional restrictions have been put in place....a mask mandate on indoor public areas, limiting gatherings, staying within your own household bubble, limit unessential travel, to name a few. Consequently we have been pretty much staying to ourselves. We haven't seen Rob, Angie, Conner and Bryce and we have also had to cancel a planned trip over to Vancouver to see Chris, Angela and Isaac. We had planned to go over December 2 so we could celebrate Isaac's 2nd birthday and my 65th. We now hope to go over at the end of December...fingers-crossed!

On Sunday (Nov. 15), after a day of rain, we had a huge burst of wind and hail...which produced a faint rainbow...
Thursday (Nov. 19) morning, we opened the blinds to see blue sky! A nice we headed out just after 10:00 to get a walk in along the Sidney waterfront. It was chilly on our way back to the car since the wind had come up and the clouds had rolled in but we had a very brisk walk without rain. 

An indication of the strong winds we've had that threw gravel and seaweed onto the walkway...
In conjunction with the high winds we've also got the highest tides of the year called King tides, so there are a lot of logs floating offshore creating a hazard for boaters... 
The rain started on our way home...and it continued the rest of the afternoon.

Saturday (Nov. 21), Steve put up our solar operated Christmas lights. This is the earliest we've ever decorated...
And then on Sunday (Nov. 22), we decided to go pick up some indoor lights for the trailer...nothing else to do, so let's decorate! Others in the park had already decorated a couple of weeks ago.

On our way home we drove along the Sidney waterfront...lots of sail boats out but not moving very fast with no wind...

Inside of the trailer all decorated and the Christmas tree is up! (Guess we could have cleared off the kitchen counter before taking picture, LOL)...
Monday (Nov. 23) looked promising, weather-wise, and since I had a couple of errands in Victoria, Steve came with me so we could go for a walk along the breakwater at Ogden Point afterwards. The new seawall, walkway, and bicycle path were recently completed...
It's a 1.8 km/1.1 mile return walk...
A pilot boat returning from meeting up with a freighter...

A couple of fishermen...
A few more fishing the tideline...
Time to head back. You have the option of walking on either side of the top walkway. The outer side consists of large rock blocks that could be a tripping hazard if you're not careful...
Wednesday (Nov. 25) morning Steve had an optometrist appointment in Sidney. His appointment was over an hour and a half, so I walked through Sidney and along the waterfront. It was a beautiful day...
I actually ended up walking the waterfront twice....again after lunch with Steve!
Thursday (Nov. 26) we had planned on a physically distanced hike with Dave and Leslie. We had planned on hiking the trails in John Dean Provincial Park but we found the gate closed at the entrance (we later learned that the road up to the trailheads is closed November through March due to possible poor road conditions...understandable since it is quite a steep, windy, narrow road). Plan B was the Sidney was pretty cold and blustery!
Afterwards we went to warm up with a coffee. Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe in Saanichton have recently added a sitting area that is semi-enclosed with appropriately spaced tables and heaters. We were lucky, not many folks were there so we managed to get two separate tables across from each other where we could enjoy our coffee and chat...
Saturday (Nov. 28) was an absolutely beautiful sunny day! On weekends, especially beautiful ones, we don't go anywhere because it's just too busy...having to dodge so many people out walking kinda takes the fun out of it (especially when so many don't understand the concept of staying 2 metres apart). So instead, we decided to go for a drive. On our way home, we got a call from Dave. He and Leslie had ridden their bikes out from Victoria and were at the nearby McDonald's...want to meet for coffee? We haven't seen them for ages and now twice in a matter of days...wonderful! Leslie just got an electric bike so it's more of a workout for Dave. Apparently they rode a total of 30km/18.6 miles!

Sunday (Nov. 29) we had our weekly video call with Chris, Angela and Isaac. With Isaac's birthday this Wednesday, they are having an early "party" for him today. But with Covid-19, they have gotten ingenious and decorated their front porch where family can pop by, drop off gifts, have a birthday cupcake...all physically distanced. Good job guys! How cute is this little guy?

And that pretty well wraps up another month! Wow...December starts tomorrow!


  1. Such nice waterfront pictures! Cute Isaac! Covid is crazy again everywhere I think. No family get together for us this year. It’s not looking any better for XMas either. :-(

    1. This certainly has been a tough year! Not being able to get together with family, especially during the Christmas Season, is particularly hard. Hopefully we have a much better 2021. Stay safe and healthy!

  2. Nice to see your Christmas decorations up. :) Yes time just carries on in spite of all the turmoil everywhere around us. Hopefully you are able to see your grandchildren for Christmas ... but it's not looking good. :(

    1. I think we all needed some cheering up with the lights! The earliest we have ever decorated!

  3. Good to see that you are still getting out despite the cooler weather and to spend time with Dave and Leslie is truly a bonus!

    1. Yes we have lots of future socially distanced hikes to do yet.

  4. Your rig looks pretty festive, good job! Good to finally get to see you two after being here for close to a month. Really nice walk on the waterfront, haven't taken the time to get out of a vehicle much in Sidney. More to come for sure. Happy Birthday Isaac and Dianne. Cheers:)

    1. Nothing better than some Christmas lights to brighten up ones space and spirits! Great finally getting a walk in with you guys, even if was rather blustery!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes.