Sunday, April 26 to Friday, May 8, 2015 (Monck Provincial Park, Quilchena, BC / Vancouver, BC / North Saanich, BC)

We worked another four days this week (Sunday to Wednesday)...but I won't bore you with more site raking pictures. Actually, we didn't do as much raking, the water was finally turned on and with the weather cool and fairly calm winds, we were able to get burning. So, while Steve tended to the fire, Sue, Doug and I went around loop 2 picking up needle piles.

After all loop 2 needles piles were picked up, we raked the Amphitheater area and the roadside from the gatehouse down to the day-use parking lot and sani-dump area...

Wednesday, we finished cleaning up around the gatehouse roadway and then I spent a few hours with Toni in the gatehouse learning a bit about the reservation process, while Steve painted all the site posts in loop 1, Sue cleaned bathrooms and Doug took out the blower and went through loop 2 and the entrance.

Thursday, we were off work but it was a busy day just the same as we prepared to leave for the coast in the morning. I did spend a couple of hours in the gatehouse in the afternoon helping Toni with some technology issues...unfortunately, I wasn't much help. The day finished off with the six of us going out for dinner in town at the Game On Pub. Doug and Toni treated...thanks so much!

Friday, May 1st...has arrived! We had the truck all loaded by 9:00 and after big hugs and handshakes, we said goodbye to Sue and Doug and Toni and Doug, who had all gathered to see us off. Bye guys, see you at the end of the month!

We fueled up with diesel ($1.13/ltr) in Merritt and then hit the Coquihalla Highway (Hwy 5) south. As we were travelling, I realized that I had remembered all of the power cords for our devices...but had forgotten the cord to download pictures from our small camera. Drats! That means any pictures taken these past few days won't be available for our blog...oh well, at least I have my phone camera for future pictures and Steve brought his big camera (along with all accessories including the download cord).
We hit rain on our journey south through the mountains...Steve was really glad that he decided not to wash the truck!

Voodoo Fighter
We picked up a rental car at the Abbotsford Airport and then continued onto Langley where we dropped off the truck. It's going in for the fifth time to have the EGR cooler "squeal"'s also time to have the valves adjusted and an oil change.

It was going on 2:00 by this time and we were hungry, so we stopped at a White Spot for lunch...then did a little shopping.

We arrived at Chris and Angela's place in Vancouver shortly after 4:30. We enjoyed catching up with Angela as we waited for Chris to get home from work. He started a new job a few months ago...rather than working in Burnaby, he is now back in downtown Vancouver, working for Microsoft at Black Tusk Studios. This is Dexter on his favourite perch in front of the window...

After a lazy start to the day Saturday, we headed out for a little sightseeing, Our first stop was at Granville Island. It's a very busy place on Saturdays! We managed to find a parking spot but it was only for an hour...which ended up being about enough time to wander around and see the sights. We would have needed a lot longer had we checked out all of the shops but the guys weren't really into that.

Inside the Market...

This pooch was waiting patiently for his master...

Granville Island Brewery...
A clown making balloon animals for the kids...

Float homes along the waters edge...very unique housing option...
See the paddle boarder between the float homes...

Now there's a high maintenance boat with all that wood...

After Granville Island, we went to what was the Olympic Village for athletes at the 2010 Winter is now known as The Village on False Creek. It has turned into a very trendy little community with a waterfront walkway and lots of stores, shops and restaurants.
Science World...
BC Place and Rogers Arena (on the right). That side of the inlet was the site of Expo 86...

After a stroll around the area, it was time for Craft Beer Market...they have over 100 beer on tap!
And serve great food too!
Entertainment in the Olympic Village Square...built for the 2010 Winter Olympic athletes

The day ended with Angela cooking dinner for us, her parents and grandma. Delicious, Angela...well done! Left to right...Steve, Angela, Lucy, Luigi, Nonna and Chris...

We woke to another beautiful day Sunday morning. After coffee and showers, we decided to walk down to another trendy area in Vancouver...Commercial Drive. It is lined with shops and many, many restaurants and bistros...with every ethnic food groups represented! It was a 25-minute walk along residential streets. We chose Bier Craft Tap and Tapas Bar for brunch and all had excellent meals. Both Chris and I had Frittatas...this is a picture of my Veggie Frittata. Chris had the Bangers and Mash Frittata which looked every bit as good as mine...
Steve had Traditional Eggs Benedict...served on a croissant...yum...
And Angela had Huevos Rancheros...looks delicious!

After brunch, we walked back, checking out all of the homes in the residential area. The housing market in Metro Vancouver is's going to be a struggle for Chris and Angela to get into the market...starter homes are pushing a million bucks!!! They will likely have to start off with a townhouse or condo.

Once back home, Angela and I made a trip to Costco and Canadian Tire while the guys relaxed. Before we knew it, it was late afternoon and time to head over to Angela's parents for dinner. We had a wonderful Italian meal. Here we are about to eat...Luigi is pouring his home made red wine, Nonna is hidden beside him, Angela's brothers Joey and Marco, Angela, Chris and Steve...
...and that's Lucy in the background about to bring a final dish to the table...

We were treated royally...lots of red wine, Sambuca, Grappa, homemade Lemoncello and deserts to die for...yum! Thanks for a lovely evening!

Monday morning, Chris and Angela headed off to work and we went out to Langley. I had a doctors appointment at 1:10, so we met good friends, Ray and Deb, at the Fox and Fiddle Restaurant for an early lunch. Good seeing and catching up with them...we last saw them down in Quartzsite, and had we done our "usual thing", we would have met up with them Fort Camping in Fort Langley.

After lunch and my doctors appointment, we did a little shopping...we needed work clothes. So we stopped at Marks Work World and got our navy shorts and cargo pants...we're all set for the summer now...well, as long as the rest of our uniforms are there when we get back to the park!

Before heading back to Chris and Angela's place, we stopped at Gold Key to see how they were making out on the truck. It was all ready...we'll pick it up tomorrow on our way to drop off the rental car in Abbotsford. Apparently 3 bolts on the newly replaced EGR cooler had backed out. Steve's not going to hold his breath thinking this will be the end of our EGR cooler squealing saga...been there four times before.

We spent another lovely evening with Chris and's been so nice spending time with them. Married life seems to be agreeing with them!

While we've been away, Doug and Sue's daughter arrived last Saturday with our Fresh Cab to repel the mice. Doug was kind enough to place a few packets in our rig and apparently still trapped a couple more stragglers on Sunday, but none since. Yahhh...thanks Doug!

Tuesday morning, with big hugs, we said goodbye to Chris and Angela as they headed off for work. Thanks so very much for all your hospitality, guys...and giving up your bed to us for four nights!

It was about 10:00 when we had everything packed into the rental car and after saying goodbye to Nonna (who lives upstairs), we were on our way back out to Langley. We picked up the truck and after dropping off the car at the Abbotsford Airport, we were on our way to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. Everything came together well and we were surprised to actually make it just in time for 1:00 p.m. sailing to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island (30 kms north of Victoria).

After the 1 hour 35 minute ferry ride, we arrived at Rob and Angie's shortly before 3:00. Angie was out, Conner was at Playschool and Rob was at work, so we let ourselves into the house and unloaded the truck. It worked out the time Angie and Conner got home, we had unpacked and were waiting.
A short while later, Rob got home from work and we gave Conner the toy plane that we had picked up at the Yuma was a hit!

Wednesday morning, after dropping Conner off at Playschool, Angie dropped me off in Sidney for my eye appointment...time for a contact lens check as well as a full eye exam. An hour and a half later, Steve picked me up and after a stop at the bank, we drove along the waterfront and then home.

Steve headed off to his dentist appointment to have a tooth fixed under warranty and an impression for the implant crown that was started a year ago. $1850 for the crown here and $200 for the same thing in Los Algadones!

I had a very productive afternoon sorting through a box of mail that had accumulated, did some banking...paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!

Angie and I went and picked up Conner...he was anxious to get home and see Grampa...and "Buster the Truck". I managed to get one picture of him before he decided that it was too scary up there for him...and he wanted out NOW!

Just chillin' before dinner....

Thursday, after a relaxing morning, Steve dropped me off at 11:45 at Fifth Street Bar and Grill to meet "my girls" for lunch. I worked with Gwen, Lynn and Delcie for a very long time and we all retired within a year of each other.

We had a wonderful time catching up! I asked the server to take a picture of the four of us but my phone camera locked up and didn't take a picture. Gwen was just the only picture we managed to get is just of three of, Lynn and Delcie.

After lunch, Steve picked me up and we headed back out the Saanich Peninsula to take a walk along the the Sidney of our favourite walks.
An eagle at the waters edge...
The Sidney-Anecortes, WA ferry docks...

There were a number of people with crab traps on the pier...these people caught a couple...

Back at home, we enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine out on the sundeck...

Snack time...

Daddy's home! The day we arrived, Rob found out that he would have to work 12-hour shifts for the next week until the baby arrives (Tuesday, May 12). That means he leaves for work at about 2:20 a.m. and gets home shortly after 5 p.m. Good thing it's only for a short period of time. Oh will be good training for him with a newborn coming!

Friday (May 8) started off pretty lazy. I went with Angie to drop Conner off then worked on our blog for the rest of the morning until it was time to head to Saanich Peninsula Hospital for an appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon at 1:00. Apparently I was supposed to bring another dose of the prescription that I have injected into my knee, so he froze my knee and sent me to the pharmacy in Victoria to pick up the prescription. I was about a half hour late getting back to the hospital because the little pharmacy that supplies the med happened to be closed...there was a sign on the door saying "back at 2:15"...sheesh! But...all is good. The doc thinks my other knee/hip (left) is bugging me because I was overdue for the shot and I was compensating with my left knee...time will tell.

So, by the time all that was done, it was after 3:00 by the time we got home. Steve ended up going for a walk in the neighbourhood just to get a little exercise. I was to put my leg up, so I sat with the laptop...gotta get this blog finished!

Angie and Conner just chillin' before dinner...

Then relaxing with Dad outside on the sundeck while Mom makes dinner...

Angie made delicious homemade pizza and spinach salad for dinner...awesome! We were just finishing up dinner when friends of Rob and Angie, Haley and Gary came over for a visit with their baby...Priya is 9 months old and such a cutie!

They brought a present for Conner, he was very excited as Dad and Uncle Gary helped put the tent up on the deck...

Time for ice cream!

The end to another wonderful day here on The Island...the weather has been gorgeous and the forecast is for it to stay well into next week.

Well...believe it or not, I think that pretty well brings us up to date on what has been going on in our world. Next week is going to be an exciting one...Grandson #2 arrives on Tuesday!


  1. Wow, you guys have been busy! Nice that you were able to combine all your appointments with visiting friends and family. Cool pictures of the houseboats, what and interesting lifestyle.

    1. Yes, busy...but it's great spending time with family and catching up with friends!

  2. What a wonderful time you are having with family!!! Making lots of memories:o))

    I have never used a cable to download my camera photos. My computer has a slot for my SD memory card. Just pop it out of the camera and onto the computer and download the photos, delete the photos from the SD card, put it back in the camera and I am ready to fill it up again:o)) Check and see if your computer has that slot....

    1. Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately the adapter for the SD card to fit into our laptop is back at the trailer too! Sheesh! :)

  3. Well we have to say that you are certainly enjoying that wonderful weather up north....wish we can say the same, we just got hammered with a blizzard which dumped over a foot of snow on us. Popo will be posting on that shortly.

    Your pictures of Vancouver bring back great memories, what a great city, a true gem.

    Hope they finally fixed your truck....

    Stay well,

    Les and Sue

    1. Wow...a foot of'll have to put chains on your bikes! Vancouver is beautiful but we hate the traffic. Time will tell if they finally fixed the truck.

  4. Nice recap of the last few days.. The next post your family will have grown by two little feet!!..

    1. Thanks...we're pretty excited to welcome the little guy.

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    1. Thanks for featuring our blog. It's always interesting to read about the adventures of others.

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  7. Awesome blogs. What do you use for wifi when on the road? We are just starting out and I don't know what to buy... Thanks!

    1. Thanks Katleena. We use a Telus MiFi. Ours is a little older but allows you to connect up to 5 devices. When in the U.S. we use a Verizon MiFi.

    2. Thank you for the information. Will get on that real soon! Our next stop is Peterhope Lake and a case of swifers for dusting. Anxious to do some great fishing. It has been unusually hot since we got here a week ago. Happy Travels!