Saturday, May 9 to Thursday, May 14, 2015 (North Saanich, BC)

Saturday morning after breakfast, Steve got the hoses out and prepared to wash the truck...that will be an all day job for him! Angie and Conner headed off into Victoria to a kids birthday party...and with Rob at work, that left me inside to putter around.

It was a bit easier for him to wash the roof since we had left the boat back up at the lake.

Angie and Conner got home shortly after 1:00...just in time for me to head off into Sidney for a 2:00 hair cut appointment. By the time I got home, Steve was just finishing up the truck...all clean, just the wheels to polish and the tires to dress. That can be done tomorrow.

Rob was home before 5:00 today...amazing what a difference driving home on a weekend, there wasn't the usual rush hour as everyone headed home after work. We enjoyed happy hour out on the was a lovely afternoon! Conner giving his mom/baby brother a little loving...

Sunday....Happy Mother's Day! When Conner woke up, he came downstairs to be with Gramma and Grampa, leaving Mom to have a bit of a sleep-in.

When Angie got up, she made us a delicious Eggs Benny Brunch...and then we got ready to head to the beach. Too bad Rob wasn't able to spend the day with us...oh well, we'll see him tonight.

Before going to the beach, Grampa took Conner down to see "Buster the Truck". They counted all of the wheels, lights, etc...and chased each other back up the hill.

Finally, we're at the trail that leads down to Coles Bay Beach. Conner is ready with his pail, shovel and rake...

Made it! Angie needed a little assistance here as there aren't any stairs down to the beach...just a drop off.

It was a pretty cloudy day but the sun did managed to burn through occasionally and it was really warm.

A couple of old Chinese war planes flew over. Our dentist just bought one. Steve thinks he should have a share in it with the amount of money we've paid him!

These little goslings were huddled on the sign of mom...

We enjoyed our time at the beach and then it was time to get some lunch on the way home...we ended up going through the drive-thru at McDonalds. Conner loves his chicken nuggets and chippies!

Monday Steve and I spent an enlightening couple of hours with our financial advisor...always interesting (LOL!). Then we had a nice visit with Steve's dad.

Back at home, Angie was spending the day with Conner and getting herself ready to check into the hospital. She has to be there by 9:00 p.m., so she is there to get prepped bright and early in the morning to have her c-section.

The plan was to get Conner to bed...and asleep...before they left but of course that plan didn't work. By 8:15 Conner was still awake, so Gramma had to take over. I had just gone in and was trying to console Conner (who was upset) when all of a sudden he vomited all over me, himself and his bedding! He did this just as Rob and Angie were heading out the they were upset leaving him but they had to go. All was good though...we got him (and me) cleaned up and then Grampa put him in the bathtub while I changed the bedding. After that, he was fine.

Tuesday, May 12 has arrived...the day that the Colibaba clan increases by one! We dropped Conner off at daycare just before 9:00 and then continued into Victoria. Before heading to the hospital we went to the cemetery to place flowers on Steve's grandparents and younger brother's graves. Angie was still in recovery when we arrived so we sat in the waiting room until they wheeled her and the baby past the waiting room back to her room.
We chatted with Angie and Rob...
...while the nurses gave baby a good check...
Then he was wrapped up and handed over to me!
 Proud Grampa...
 ...and Dad...

Shortly after 1:00, Steve and I headed off. We had a couple of errands to run and then we went to pick up Conner and take him to see Mom, Dad...and to meet his new baby brother.

Conner wasn't too sure what to think about this new addition to the family...a big adjustment for all three of them! Now...Rob and Angie just need to decide on a name for our precious little bundle!

We had a pretty quiet day Wednesday. I took Conner to daycare and then came home and started working on our blog. Steve had an eye appointment late morning, so we both went into Sidney and I did some grocery shopping while he was at his appointment.

Once home, I continued working on our blog while Steve put the new license plates on our quads. We picked up Conner at 3:00 and then headed into Victoria to the hospital... to see Rob, Angie and the new baby. Conner was very excited!

Conner and dad playing with some new toys for baby...just checking them out! :)

While Grampa holds baby (still no name). he says that he takes after great-grandma Colibaba...she always snoozed with her mouth open...LOL!

Thursday morning, after dropping Conner off at playschool, I worked on the blog for a bit and then decided I had better get my butt in gear...I have a luncheon date with an old friend. It had been a couple of years since I had seen Linda...

We had a nice lunch at Milestones out in Langford catching up and then I had to get home. Steve had a dentist appointment and I needed to get the car back to him. While I was gone, Steve went on a walk on the local park trail...and was ready to leave for his appointment as soon as I got home.

Of course, the dentist was behind schedule by about 45 minutes, so it was 4:30 by the time he was back home. After picking me up, we went and got Conner from daycare and went to the hospital. Again, he was so excited about going to the hospital to see Mommy and Daddy...and baby brother.

Baby...still not named yet...was bright eyed during our whole visit. We were late getting there, and late leaving as Steve's sister's family came by to meet the new addition to the family. But by 6:30, we thought we should get home for dinner...Rob followed with Conner shortly afterwards.

Well, that has been our exciting week...we're looking forward to Angie and baby being released from the hospital tomorrow. It will be nice to have everyone home...


  1. What a lovely time even though you are busy. Great memories you are creating.

    1. We're enjoying every minute of it! Hard to believe we're half way through May already!

  2. Welcome to the addition to the colibaba clan!!!

  3. Congratulations to the whole gang!!!

    1. Thanks, Bill and Nancy...they are pretty special!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I loved reading about your busy week. Our little grandsons are so adorable! Hopefully things will go smoothly when they get home. I know Rob and Ang are happy and grateful you are able to help out, as are Brian and I. It is pretty hard work looking after a toddler...thank goodness he is in daycare!

    1. I agree, our grandsons are very adorable! All is going well...Conner is getting used to his new little brother. We are so happy to be here to help out as much as we can. And yes, thank goodness for daycare! All the best to you and Brian! xo

  5. Congratulations the your latest grandchild! I bet they appreciate the two of you being there to help out during this time. It will be interesting to hear how Conner adapts to the new family member, this is going to be quite the adjustment for him.

    1. Thanks Jim and Barb! Yes, an adjustment for him but he seems to be doing well.

  6. Congratulations Steve and Dianne on that beautiful new Grandson....many Blessings to your family.