Friday, March 22 to Monday, April 8, 2024 (Puntledge RV Park, Courtenay, BC)

Again, another couple of weeks have flown by...and it's been pretty routine, as usual. We've had a real mixed bag of weather...from rain, wind and clouds to some sun. 

Friday (Mar. 22) was a very cloudy, rainy day so we decided to drive down to Nanaimo and do a little shopping. Steve picked up some new hunting boots from Cabela's and rain pants from Mark's. I was also successful at Mark's, finding a winter coat...all in preparation for an upcoming day in the snow.

After our shopping spree, we had lunch at Boston Pizza and were back home just before 3:30.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (Mar. 23-26) we had mainly cloudy days with rain off and on but we still managed to get out for our morning walks.

A couple of float planes tied up at the marina, beside the airpark...
Wednesday (Mar. 27) morning we woke to rain pounding on the roof...and wind! It was a very nasty day so we stayed in all day watching movies.

Thursday (Mar. 28) and more rain...but after being inside all day yesterday, we decided to go out for a drive. The highlight of the day was stopping at Tim Horton's for coffee and a pastry...LOL!

Friday (Mar. 29)...a day we were really looking forward to! Steve and I had talked about taking the bus up to Mount Washington Alpine Resort and going "tubing". When Angie said she, Rob and the boys were going up today, we decided to join them...and what a blast we had!

We caught the bus at 9:20 in front of the Native Sons Hall, not far from our Park. We could have walked but it was sprinkling out so decided it would be better to drive the car and leave it parked at the lot behind the hall.

Up the mountain we go! Decades ago we brought our boys up here for skiing lessons and remember the roadside snow was higher than the bus...not this year! Vancouver Island's snowpack is at 46% of normal.
This is the lower ski run before getting up to the top and main resort area. Steve took it out the window, so there is a bit of a reflection...
It's about a half-hour drive up to the resort. We got off the bus and walked down to the main is very busy being the end of Spring Break and the Easter long weekend...
People lining up for the chair lift...
We found an area in the basement of the lodge where they have a bunch of lockers and tables, so we put our rain pants on, got ourselves organized and stored our backpack in a locker. The tubes and the run is to the left. It's $20 for an hour for ages 13+ and $15 for ages 2-12.
We all have an 11:00 to noon time slot to tube down the hill...and we were ready right at 11! We had just finished our first run and were back up top when Rob, Angie and the boys arrived. Like us, they had trouble getting their order them on-line, then scan the code at a "box" and it is supposed to spew out your tickets. Unfortunately, it didn't work and they, like us, had to go to customer service to get them.

Steve took GoPro videos each time we tubed down the hill and put together a great compilation of the fun we all had (5:10 minutes)...
Unfortunately with the temperature hovering around 0C/32F the tube run was a little sticky. Occasionally some of us managed to make it over the hump to the end of the run but Steve never did. Well, after an hour of tubing, we were exhausted! We must have done about 6-8 runs down the hill. Even with the escalator "carpet" that takes you back up to the top, walking in the snow from the end of the tube run up to it is quite a hike. Thank goodness they have it because having to walk all of the way back up to the top would be really tough!

We had picked the perfect time to go tubing because at noon, there was quite a line-up of people and all the tubes were taken. Steve and I headed back into the lodge to take our raingear off and head to Ted's Bar and Grill for lunch. Rob, Angie and the boys stayed for another run down the hill which worked out well, because there was a long line waiting to get into the restaurant and we had just got seated at a table for 6 when they arrived.

Steve, me, Bryce, Conner, Rob and Angie...
Rob, Conner and Bryce have ski lessons so we watched as they got all set up with their boots, skis and helmets. That sun was blinding!
We had decided to take the 3:15 bus back down the mountain, so with big hugs, we said goodbye to Rob, Angie and the boys. They will be there for a few more hours with their lessons and skiing. I understand from Angie, the boys didn't want to leave, they were having such a great time skiing!

Steve took a few more pictures as we walked back up to the bus...
Just one of the many condos...
We'll be back when the snow is gone to hike Paradise Meadows and Steve wants to do the Zipline...
Although the bus ride up the mountain was only a half hour, the ride back took an hour...since we were the last stop on his route. Such a great day!  

Saturday (Mar. 30) morning I made a salad for the first annual guest appreciation barbeque that the Park is hosting. Puntledge RV Park is supplying hamburgers and hot dogs and the attendees bring sides...a potluck. Unfortunately, it was the Easter long weekend so there were only about a dozen people, including the manager and staff who attended. But it was still nice meeting and chatting with them. They are planning on making this an annual event and eventually monthly once the clubhouse and pool are built.

The food table...
Tim, the manager cooking burgers, hot dogs and kabobs...Lisa, Tim's girlfriend, and Lee who lives here and has recently been hired for park maintenance...
Steve and Craig sitting at the table...unfortunately, I can't remember the 2 women's names behind them...
Tom and Dawn...
After their fun on Mount Washington Friday, Rob, Angie and the boys went to Campbell River (about 40 minutes north of us) to visit and stay a couple of nights with Angie's "island family", Emery and Glenda. So on Sunday (Mar. 31) they stopped for a visit with us on their way home. We had another great visit...thanks for stopping guys!
Bryce goofing off...time for a haircut buddy! LOL
Earl and Allison invited us over for Easter Sunday dinner. Allison's sister, Helen, and her husband, Don, were also there. We enjoyed a great visit with them all and a wonderful dinner...unfortunately no pictures were taken, except one I took (and emailed to Angie) of Bryce's buddy...Cedar. Thanks Earl and Allison!
Monday (April 1) and Tuesday (April 2) were pretty routine...morning walks, odds and ends around the trailer...I even cleaned out my clothes closet and took a garbage bag full of old clothes to the thrift store.

 The chance of rain and angry looking clouds on one of our morning walks...
Wednesday (April 3) morning Steve had an early dental appointment and then we went for a hike at Nymph Falls Nature Park. It's one of our favourites in the area...

Thursday (April 4) was a sunny, but very windy day. It would not be a great day to walk the riverfront, so decided on another hike...this time at the Wildwood Forest.
Other than walking to the laundry room, the afternoon was an inside day...enjoying the blue sky and sunshine from inside because of the wind.

Friday (April 5) was another sunny day and still quite breezy but not as bad as yesterday. So we got out for our walk along the river at the Airpark and Riverway Path. 

By late afternoon, the wind wasn't too bad and we even managed to have our Friday night happy hour outside in the sunshine.

Saturday (April 6) morning and we're back to clouds...but no rain, in the morning at least. We decided on a bike ride for a change. We rode from our place, taking the sidewalk under the bridge, and catching the Riverway the end and back, a great 8.5 km/5.25 miles.

On the way back, we checked out the new equipment at Riverside Fit Park. Maybe it's just our timing but we've never seen anyone use the old or new equipment!
Dinner was at the Flying Canoe Pub for their Saturday night Special Menu...$6.95 and $5.00 sleeves of beer. Earl and Allison joined us...
Sunday (April 7) morning we got out for our usual walk and then I worked on truck ad updates. We had a fellow very interested in buying it but he called this morning and backed out due to an issue with his finances. We were trying not to get our hopes up but it was still deflating when he called with that news. Oh well...time to reduce the price a bit and update a couple of things on the ad. Next weekend we're taking it to the 3 day long Vancouver Island Outdoor Show. Hopefully this time we won't be told we can't have a For Sale sign on it!

Monday (April 8) and a very windy, rainy guessed it, an inside day for the most part. And that brings us up-to-date again...time for me to make a quick run to Costco!


  1. Wow, that tubing looks fun! We have not done that for years, I think it was in Salt Lake when the kids lived there. What great memories the kids are going to have with their cool grandparents!

    1. Such a fun day! I think we’ll have to make it an annual event.

  2. Tubing looked like great fun with the family. Hopefully more snow next time.