Saturday, March 25 to Friday, March 31, 2023 (Peace Arch RV Park, Surrey, BC)

Our week here has flown by! Saturday (Mar. 25) was a rainy day, so other than getting out to pick up a few groceries, it was pretty much an inside day. I did made a tray of lasagna for dinner since our son and his family are coming out for a visit this excited to see them in person! 

Chris, Angela and Isaac arrived just after 3:00. We sat inside catching up and then decided to go out for a short walk since it had stopped raining. Isaac smiling for the camera...
Dinner time! My lasagna is "2-thumbs up"...

Dessert time...Steve's favourite, Black Jack Cherry Frozen Yogurt! 
Isaac thought it was pretty good too...
We had such a great visit with them...looking forward to seeing them again Wednesday!

Sunday (Mar. 26) we really didn't do much...nothing of note at least. Out for a walk around the campground and just hanging out relaxing in front of the TV...still trying to recover from 6 travel days, I guess.

Monday (Mar. 27) and finally a beautiful sunny day! Actually we have great weather in the forecast this week until Friday. The mornings are pretty chilly though. 

After it warmed up outside, Steve went out and washed the truck in preparation for it's final service... 
And finally a picture of our site (C10) at Peace Arch...
We left at about 2:30 to drop the truck off at Bernhausen Diesel for the appointment tomorrow morning. Besides the final service and 39 point inspection there is a leak in the exhaust manifold that they made us aware of on our previous service that needs to be taken care of. We stopped on the way to pick up a rental car at Enterprise.  

Tuesday (Mar. 28) we went out for our favourite Crescent Beach. It was a beautiful sunny day, but quite blustery. 

We've turned around and are heading back now...
Downtown Vancouver in the distance...

Lots of snow on the mountains still for the local ski hills...
On our way home, we took a drive through White Rock. Mount Baker in Washington State in the distance...
After lunch, I went to pick up a few nice having my own wheels! I left Steve at home to work on picture editing.

Wednesday (Mar. 29) morning we went out in search of finding a place to fill one of our propane tanks. It seems most places in this area just have filled 20 lb. replacement tanks. After driving around Surrey, we went home...that was an hour wasted! We will do more research and hopefully find a place on the way to Chris and Angela's this afternoon.

Steve had a phone call from Bernhausen...apparently the truck parts needed to complete the work have to come from California and should be here in the morning. The truck won't be ready until tomorrow afternoon now.

We left for Chris and Angela's just after 2:00...I had found a propane refill place on the way...and the car had 3 bags of laundry in it. So we spent the rest of the afternoon having fun with Isaac...while I also did laundry. Thanks for the use of your laundry facilities, guys!

Chris got home just after 5:30 and we sat down to a delicious dinner that Angela had prepared. But I cannot believe that neither one of us thought to take any pictures! OMG, we're slipping! 

Thursday (Mar. 30) morning we went for another walk along Crescent Beach. It wasn't as windy as the other day but still chilly and quite hazy.

We hung out at home...I worked on blog updates while Steve watched TV. At 2:00 when he hadn't heard anything from Bernhausen about the truck, Steve called. Well, apparently the parts hadn't come in as expected and they now "expect" them sometime tomorrow....which in all probability wouldn't allow enough time to complete the repair. So that meant the truck wouldn't be worked on until early next week.

Steve and I had a quick discussion about what to do and decided to go get the truck now, drop off the rental car, and carry on with our plans to leave for Courtenay on Saturday. Unfortunately, that means we will have to bring the truck back next week...definitely an inconvenience, and costly at $127 each way on the ferry (with just the truck) but probably cheaper than paying roughly $67/night for an additional 4 or 5 nights to stay here while we're already booked at our new site for April 1st.

Today was our last nice day with major rain expected for tomorrow, so we invited our neighbours, Ralph and Linda over for happy hour in the sunshine. We had a nice visit with them...even if Steve did have to excuse himself for a bit while a fellow was here to inspect the truck for an appraisal. We don't really know how much to ask for the truck so Steve wanted it appraised.
As was expected, Friday (Mar. 31) was a rainy day...but we did managed to get out for a walk around the campground before the major rain set in.

So it was an inside day. We had put away all of the outside stuff...barbecue, tables, chairs...yesterday so that was all done. Tomorrow, Steve will just have the satellite dish, sewer stuff, water hose and power cord to put away. At least the forecast looks much better for tomorrow!

We move to our "forever home" tomorrow...and the start of a new era for us.  Looking forward to it!


  1. Big reviews ... 2 thumbs up for your lasagna coming from a "little Italian Grandson" who eats lots of Italian food from his other Grandma :) We think it's delicious too. Deb and Ray

  2. Awww looks like such a fun time with Chris Angela and Isaac. Such a cutie

  3. Exciting! Good luck with the move and selling the truck! I bet it was fun seeing Issac after such a long time.

    1. Thanks guys! Yes, it was great seeing him...and such big hugs, so heartwarming ☺️

  4. Nice to catch your breath from the drive and see the family again. So the Montana will stay in Courteny now as homebase? I hope the truck sells quickly for you!

    1. It was so good seeing them! Yes, we'll park the Montana as a home-base in Courtenay. get the truck sold! 🤞

  5. BJC was one of our first purchases back in Canada! So good lol. So late commenting that we got a peek at your new home site already, congrats it looks really nice with lots of room. Frustrating to go back with Buster, not to mention it's likely expensive. Will be surprised if all the bolts come out of the exhaust manifold without surgery :( Cheers guys!

    1. Yes I was just forewarned about the possible manifold issues which would have been good to know ahead of time. I don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling about my appointment tomorrow as we are booked on the ferry Thursday.
      Cheers Dave and Leslie!