Wednesday, November 23 to Wednesday, November 30, 2022 (Fortuna de Oro RV Resort, Yuma, AZ)

It's hard to believe but our final week has come! Wow...time has just flown by! It's been fun as we continued to enjoy our time with Dave and Leslie...and we even reconnected with some long time RV friends! 

Wednesday (Nov. 23) we met Bob and Karen at Wheezy's Restaurant and Bar for lunch. We first met them back in 2012 at the RV Dreams Rally held at Harrisburg, Oregon and have taken every opportunity to get together whenever we are in the same area each winter.
We had a great time catching up over a delicious lunch and then afterwards, we went back to their place at Carefree Village Resort, where they are staying for a couple of weeks. 
After continuing our visit, we walked around the resort...great facilities! And we even ran into Darrell and Kelly, friends from BC who had joined us for happy hour last week. Since we have to return to Yuma in March for Steve's dental appointments, we decided to book a week here. So we'll be a few sites down from Darrell and Kelly when we return.

We had such a great visit with Bob and Karen...looking forward to getting together again before we all leave the area!

Thursday (Nov. 24)...Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends!
After a fairly calm day or 2, we're back to stronger winds today...gusts to 30 mph. It's been very windy here this month...we're hoping it's not going to be that way while in Quartzsite!

We fueled up Buster....$5.10/gallon, picked up a few groceries and spent the rest of the day inside doing odd jobs.

Dave and Leslie decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mai Tai' we headed next door at 4:00. So delicious, Dave! But very potent, LOL!
After finishing our Mai Tai's, Steve went home to grab a couple of beers for us...meanwhile Leslie and I decided we wanted a "splash" of amaretto over ice. Consequently, I ended up "2-fisting" πŸ˜„ Oh dear...but after a couple of drinks, we were home and I was cooking dinner. A great happy hour, inside this time, out of the wind!
Friday (Nov. 25) morning the wind was calm...yay! Steve and Dave are going out on a quad ride so Leslie and I decided to go for a hike. As the guys took off on the quads, we drove the short distance to the base of the mountains and hiked the trail Leslie and Steve had done last week. Thankfully after a couple of days of ice and elevation, my knee was back to normal...and I was able to get out for a hike!

Not the best selfie...but here we are!

What a great hike...I thoroughly enjoyed getting out! Thanks Les! Meanwhile, Steve and Dave are out on their ride...I'll pass it over to Steve...

Today we rode most of the mountain trails north between the resort and highway 95 that takes you to Quartzsite. We came across a desert Inuksuk...
We rode to the base of that distant trail and decided not to proceed as it looked a little iffy half way up...

This trail ended in a dead end. Got to watch those old fire pits when driving in as they are usually full of nails...and they were!
Dave checking out a small cave...
We continued on...

Me in my GoPro bra...thanks for the pic Dave!
We had heard gunfire from the Blaisdell Firing Range. As I rounded the corner I noticed the firing range backstop in the distance. They were shooting in our direction so we quickly turned around!
We came upon our first group of shooters in a different location from the firing range...
It was safer going up beside this rough trail...
Dave taking the same detour...

Down we go!

Final break before heading back... (Dave's photo)
The shooters we passed by earlier in the distance...
We stopped for a quick chat about all the shooters we passed by, four different groups spread out throughout the area. One guy was setting up in our direction below the road we were on which was a little unsettling! We were glad to be out of there...
That was another great day on the trails and we managed to not get shot! πŸ˜‰ For those interested I made another GoPro photo album. If you click on individual photos any comments will be visible on the bottom left of the photo.

We ended the day with 'Core Crash' and adult beverages...
...and then headed into Dave and Leslie's where Dave made us "Mexican Hats" for dinner. What is that, you ask? Well, it's a slice of bologna topped with a scoop of mashed potatoes, shredded cheese...and baked. Unfortunately, they didn't turn out exactly how Dave had hoped...the bologna is suppose to curl to make a hat brim. I think it is because the slices of bologna are much smaller than 'back in the day' when he used to make them and they are normally done using the broiler!
Served with baked beans and salad...delicious! πŸ˜‹
Saturday (Nov. 26)...and the wind is calm again! We all headed out for a little shopping...the guys wanted to go to Harbor Freight. Leslie and I went to the Dollar Store next door to take a look.

Lunch was at Lutes Casino...
A spot that Steve loves to go to whenever we are in Yuma...
The mountains are gorgeous as the sun goes down...
Sunday (Nov. 27) afternoon Bob and Karen came over just after 3:00 for happy hour, games and dinner. Steve had raked the "playing field" so that it was all ready for Core Crash...
Bob taking his turn...
and Karen...
Next up was the game 10, have 8 small bean bags to hit these holes. After each turn, you add up your score and the first one to hit 10,000 exactly, wins. 
We played teams...Steve/Karen, Bob/Leslie and Dave/me. Steve taking his turn...
A fun time playing the games, but as the sun went down, it cools off quickly, so we went inside our place. Time to get dinner going anyway!
What a great afternoon and evening! 

Monday (Nov. 28) morning we all piled into Dave and Leslie's truck and made a run to Costco in El Centro...slightly over an hour's drive. Time to stock up before we head to Quartzsite and Dave and Leslie to an RV park outside of Casa Grande.

Tuesday (Nov. 29) afternoon we met Bob and Karen for lunch at Wheezie's was Taco Tuesday and their margaritas were also on special!
We all chowed down on various types of tacos, along with margaritas...well, Dave and Steve had beer instead.

Another great has been so nice to spend more time with Bob and Karen during this visit!

Wednesday (Nov. 30)...and our last day here in Yuma! It was a work day as we get ready to leave tomorrow. Leslie and I did laundry while the guys did their thing outside, preparing to leave.

Dave made Mai Tai's for our last happy hour together and after a couple of games of 10,000, we went inside our place for dinner.
We have had an absolute blast the last month with Dave and Leslie! As usual, the time flew by but we did lots and really enjoyed great company!


  1. So glad you had a great time and got all the dental work done. Looking forward to seeing you both in Q

  2. We had such a great time catching up with you guys! We loved the new to us games. Hope to see you again soonπŸ˜€ Karen & Bob

    1. It was wonderful spending more time with you both...much better than a quick lunch every year or two! Enjoy the rest of your winter!

  3. Great times! Enjoy your time in Q, happy birthday to Dianne! Hope she is feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it doesn't hang on too long! We had to postpone my birthday dinner to Silly Al's πŸ˜“

  4. Sorry for the late comment, we need to get better at this. Thank you so much for a really fun month in Yuma. We really did a fair amount of stuff and I know we saw things we wouldn't have without you guys there. We met some great new folks, Cliff & Joanne and their friends and of course Bob, Karen and Buddy. Thanks for letting me ride your quad Dianne, great lead Steve! We hiked, walked, played, visited, ate like kings and had a couple adult bevvies. Awesome! Are MaiTai's our new get together drinks....oh boy!! Cheers to you both, hopefully see you again real soon.

    1. You guys have always been a blast to make new memories with! Glad you got to expand your contact list too. Enjoy your full hookup parks and hope to see you again before we all head north.

  5. Nice post thank you Mary