Wednesday, November 9 to Tuesday, November 15, 2022 (Fortuna de Oro RV Resort, Yuma, AZ) we are another week has flown by! That means we're half way through our stay did that happen? Obviously enjoying ourselves! Steve and I get out most mornings for our walk and that along with regular chores, we sure seem to be busy. Here are the highlights of the past week...

Wednesday (Nov. 9) on our morning walk, we discovered another section of the Sports Complex we hadn't noticed before. The Horseshoe pits are hidden behind the Shuffleboard area...
No one playing shuffleboard this morning...or at least not yet...
The distant mountains are so pretty with the morning sun on them...
We've had a lot of wind, but that afternoon we found Buster was a bit of wind break for playing "10,000". Another fun game that Dave and Leslie brought along...
Each hole has a value from 25 to 500 points and the goal is to reach 10,000 by tossing 8 bean bags on your turn...
Thursday (Nov. 10) morning and time for Steve and I to head back to Los Algodones, MX to Bernal Dental Group. This time I managed to get a shot of the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park as we passed it on the I-8...
Although Dr. Bernal was running late, we both managed to get our dental work finished. I now have a brand new molar where there has been a hole for almost 3 years...and Steve has 2 implant posts that will be ready for crowns next March before we head home.

It was about 2:00 when we headed for the border and were happy to see that the line-up was short! It took us less than 20 minutes to cross this time, compared to the hour and 15 minutes it took last Tuesday!

As we were driving back to Fortuna de Oro, east on I-8, the traffic all of a sudden slowed down, then we saw police lights and smoke ahead. We were amazed that not everyone was changing to the left lane. A car was on fire and the police car and other vehicles that had stopped to help quickly backed away. The fire dept hadn't arrived yet...

As we take our  daily walks, we seem to see more cool things! Friday (Nov. 11) morning we noticed this. Metal sculptures are a big thing down here and there are some really cool ones...
Friday afternoon we went to visit friends from back home that we haven't seen for years. Jo-Anne and Cliff spend their winters at Hidden Shores Resort on the Colorado River. Jo-Anne is my (ex)sister-in-law's sister and was also our bank manager before she retired. We have spent many great times camping together...well...a very long time ago when our kids were little. When she found out we were staying in Yuma for the month, she invited us to come out for a visit.

They have a fabulous site right on the beach! Left to right...Dave, Cliff, Steve, Leslie and Jo-Anne...
They took us for a walking tour around the resort...
Hidden Shores Resort offers a water-front setting overlooking The Colorado River. It is surrounded by natural wildlife and offers top amenities, including a 20,000 square foot clubhouse, heated pool, golf course, launch ramps, and more. It is the ideal vacation home resort community for winter snowbird visitors and summer-time family fun on the Colorado River and surrounding desert.

Located near the Imperial Dam, Hidden Shores Resort in Yuma, Arizona has your choice from 800+ Premium full hook-up and vacation home sites, including view and beach-front lots, with daily, weekly, or monthly RV site rentals.
When Steve mentioned that it didn't seem very busy here yet, Cliff and Jo-Anne said it's a very popular spot for people from San Diego in the summer...

We walked up the hill to where houses have been built...what a view!

A beautiful resort! Thanks for the tour! We had a great visit...let's not make it so long next time!

On our way home, we planned on going by the Imperial Date Gardens for a date shake...what a disappointment to find that it had closed. The office was in a new location just down the road, however, they no longer sell date shakes, only packages of dates.

They told us that Martha's Gardens had them and they happened to be on our way home. 
The date shakes were more like date flavored soft ice cream...although she gave us a straw, a spoon was needed...

The end to a great day...
Saturday (Nov. 12) we went to the Arizona Market Place. We were hungry, so we headed directly to the food court before doing any exploring of the many vendors. The couple in the band were very talented!
This ship seemed out of place... 

New sunglasses?? LOL

Well, that was interesting, we each made a purchase. On the way home, we stopped and checked out a couple of RV dealers...just to have a look.

Our happy hour was outside playing games. We started with a new game that Dave and Leslie had purchased at the market. They have played it before....Shut the Box was fun!
Then Dave got out the 10,000 game...
Sunday (Nov. 13) night we went to the Bar and Grill here at the resort for drinks and dinner. You have to order using their app which was a bit of a challenge to get set up but we eventually got it. Cheers!
A park-model all lit up for the holiday season...
Monday (Nov. 14) we had our trailer washed, deoxidized/waxed and the truck washed by Benjamin's RV Wash. They did a pretty good job, but Steve had to do a few touchups the next day with his buffer as he knows from past experience how hard a white surface can be on the eyes to see imperfections.
While we sat watching them work, Leslie and Dave went out for a bike ride...
Tuesday (Nov.15) morning on our walk, we ran into Dave and Leslie at the Pickleball courts. The courts are very busy but they managed to get a number of games with different opponents.
Dave had a craving for a burrito and had seen an ad on TV for El Charro Mexican Cafe, so we headed there for lunch. A small, authentic Mexican restaurant with delicious food! Steve and I are not "big" on Mexican food but I think it's because we really don't know what to order. Anyway, Dave had his burrito craving satisfied, Steve had a shrimp taco and Leslie and I had Flautas (2 rolled beef tacos served with either rice or refried beans). It was all delicious!
After lunch we went to an attraction called the Center Of The World in Felicity. Unfortunately unbeknown to us they don't officially open until December, however you pay your $5 entrance fee (good for a year) on the honour system. The store, pyramid and church were closed. We were here in 2020 so Steve didn't feel like duplicating/editing many of the same pictures, so if you want the full tour click here.

The museum exhibits monuments made from Missouri Red Granite, each 100 feet long. Conceived as a historic record of humanity on over 900 granite panels. 
Looking back from the church...
It's a lot of fascinating reading that is a bit too much in one visit...
Had to get a selfie at the Pyramid as we were leaving...
Another great day!....and the end to another fabulous week!


  1. I’d like to spend a week in Yuma and skip Q (except for some visit to see you all again). Not sure how next year will play out for us yet. I’ll bet your rig is super shiny! I wish we did our a couple of years ago.

  2. That last one was from me.
    PS. You need to try more Mexican food!! 😄

    1. Looking forward to seeing you guys in January. Our rig definitely looks much better. We really do need to try more ethnic dishes…just hate paying for something we may dislike. 😉

  3. We've driven by the date shak place many times but never stopped. Guess I lost my opportunity!

    1. We were shocked to find it gone as it was always busy when we visited. May be another victim of COVID.

  4. Loved your visit and catching up definitely been too long. Hope to see you in Quartzite

    1. You bet! Let us know when you are going to be there and we'll definitely arrange to meet you!

  5. Looking forward to see you guys in Q

  6. Hi again. About 7 years ago we took a drive to Hidden Shores. It's beautiful. I'd like to see it again. The owner of the date place died a couple of years ago. I guess the family decided to go in a different direction. El Charro has been around since 1947. It was a tiny restaurant on 4th Avenue. The food is good but nothing like the original. Back in the day going to El Charro was like going to grandma's house. Good memories. I'm loving your outings.

    1. Too bad about the Imperial Date Gardens, seems they had a good business going but perhaps with the owner passing and COVID, it just wasn't viable. Interesting background on El Charron. We sure enjoyed our lunch.

    2. Date shakes. You seem to like driving around. Head towards Wellton....exit 21 Dome Valley. That puts you on old Hwy. 80. Look for signs for Naked Dates. The road to it turns into a dirt road but its a good dirt road. I don't eat ice ceam and my husband doesn't like dates so we have never had the date shake. But everyone says they are good. I have bought date nut bread that was delicious and date cookies that are very rich.They also have entertainment on Saturdays. If interested you will have to check the website for the hours. Enjoy!

    3. Oh yum!! We might just have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  7. We've been having a really good time, this month is flying by. Hidden Shores is a nice place and Cliff & Joanne are great people. We have a couple more weeks to play. Let's see what next on the agenda. Go Oilers lol !!

    1. The month is definitely flying by! Hard to believe we're on the downward side now.