Monday, October 25 to Sunday, November 14, 2021 (Peace Arch RV Park, Surrey, BC)

Well, another 3 weeks have gone by and it's time for a final update before we head south. Yes, the US finally opened the border to Canadian visitors on November 8. We decided to give the masses of folks anxious to get going a head start...we will leave November 15. Besides, we are paid up until then here at Peace Arch. With all of the rain and so called "atmospheric rivers" we've had, we can hardly wait to get to Arizona!

Most of our days have been slipping by pretty uneventful...the usual daily walks, shopping, routine chores, etc. Since we are not taking our car south, we managed to get a spot for it in the secure storage area they have here. The spot they had said was available and were holding for us was now not available. Whether it was "accidentally" given to someone else, or wasn't crossed off the list of available spots when we spoke to them before leaving for the Island, I don't know. Thankfully our car is small and they were able to "make" a spot for us. Glad to have that finalized!

A picture from our walk at Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest (Wednesday, Oct. 27)...a gigantic maple leaf!
Friday (Oct. 29) we met RV friends, Dave and Cheryl for lunch at The Fort Pub in Fort Langley. They arrived yesterday from Alberta, and are staying a couple of days before continuing onto Campbell River on Vancouver Island for the winter. At this point, they don't think they will be going south...but they may change their mind come January!

So glad we were able to get a visit in...great catching up with you both!
We had a very cold start to the day Saturday (Oct. 30)....2C/35.6F outside and 16C/60.8F inside. A sunny cold day but the blue sky was a nice change!

We basically kept warm inside until it was time to go into Chris and Angela's at 2:00. Isaac wanted to show us his Halloween costume..."Lightning McQueen race car driver"...
Pumpkin carving! Good job Mom...
At about 4:30 we all piled into Chris/Angela's car and headed into Burnaby. As a thank you for the many times that Angela's parents, Luigi and Lucy, have had us over for dinner, we are taking them all out for dinner at Sopra Sotto, a great Italian restaurant.
We had a delicious meal and then went over for wine, coffee and dessert at Lucy and Luigi's. Such a great visit with them!

We are rarely out at night so on our way back into the park, Steve took these pictures of the Halloween decorations all lit up...

Sunday (Oct. 31) was another cold morning...with beautiful blue sky! After waiting for it warm up a bit, we did our morning walk around the campground and then Steve washed the truck...
Well, we had 2 nice, but chilly days but then the rain set in again...for days! We did manage to get a few outside things done though, as we start a slow preparation for leaving.

Thursday (Nov. 4) afternoon Dave and Leslie arrived from Alberta...stopping for a visit with us on their way over to Parksville on Vancouver Island.

We started with Happy Hour(s)...
Then had dinner...
By the end of the evening we had consumed plenty of wine...and had so much fun catching up! They called a taxi to take them back to a nearby hotel (Steve had picked them up) always, a fabulous visit! Going to miss you down south this winter...sure hope you decide to get out of the cold north and fly down for a visit!

Sunday (Nov. 7) and another rainy day...and wind. Our time with Chris, Angela and Isaac is dwindling...only today and next weekend!

They arrived here around 3:00...with a sleeping Isaac. Amazingly, Angela was able to carry him into the trailer, get his coat and shoes off, and on our bed without waking him! He slept for about an hour allowing us to have some adult time with Chris and Angela.

Isaac and Gramma...
Dinner time...Isaac doesn't look too thrilled! LOL
Another great visit with them!

It wasn't raining Monday (Nov. 8) but another big wind/rain storm is coming in tonight, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to go for our last walk (until next spring) on Crescent Beach. It was an exceptionally high tide today, called a  King Tide...almost reaching the bottom of the pier!
Tuesday (Nov. 9) we woke up to the rain pounding on the had rained all night. It was also windy but luckily we seem to be fairly protected.

By 8:30 the wind had blown some of the clouds away, it had stopped raining and some blue sky was coming through so we got out for a walk around the campground before the clouds and rain set in for the rest of the day.

Lots of fun dodging the huge puddles!
Wednesday (Nov. 10) we met a former co-worker of Steve's and her husband for lunch at Big Ridge Brewing. So nice to get one final visit with Tracy and Colin before we go!
Remembrance Day, Thursday (Nov. 11)...a day to remember those that served and made the ultimate sacrifice. It's hard to believe it has been 5 years since we visited the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy and were privileged to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Canadian Juno Beach Centre in Courseulles-sur-Mer, France. We are in this photo that was posted on the Juno Beach Centre website...
If you are interested in reminiscing with us and reading that blog post click here (Friday, November 11, 2016)

We watched the Remembrance Day ceremonies early from Ottawa (they are 3 hours ahead of us here on the west coast).  After that, we both got to work...more chores to get done before we leave!

Friday (Nov. 12) and more rain! We ran some errands in the morning and then headed into Coquitlam arriving at have our last visit with Chris, Angela and Isaac! Well, Angela was working so we wouldn't see her until late afternoon but we had a wonderful time playing with Isaac!

Isaac thinking it would be funny to put a diaper on my head...
...then on himself...too funny!
Grampa and Isaac...
We enjoyed a feast of Chinese food for dinner (thanks Chris!)...
Since we won't be here for Isaac's birthday in a couple of weeks, he opened our gifts...
First was a pair of Santa PJ's...
Then onto the main gift!
Isaac loves 'Marble Maze' took some assembling, including the marbles, but in no time Mom had one variation set up. I guess there are all sorts of ways to build it. Steve took a short video...
And a final family picture with Isaac wearing his new pj's...
We had a fabulous last visit with them...from now on, it will be video calls until we return at the end of March!

Saturday (Nov. 13) and another big atmospheric river storm is on it's way with record rainfall Saturday afternoon thru Monday...and our departure day is Monday Uggggh!

We made a last minute decision regarding our phones this morning...Telus (a major carrier here in Canada) has a "Limited Time Offer" on one of their Canada-US plans, so after much debate, we decided to change. That means going south will be "seamless" regarding our more "seasonal holds" on our Canada only plans and setting up new accounts with a US carrier (we have always used Verizon in the past) once we cross the border.

While I was gone, Steve took care of the final outside things in preparation for leaving. So it will just be the last minute pack up Monday morning of the sewer and water hoses as well as the satellite dish...and of courses, hitching up. Unfortunately, we are too long to hook up earlier. 

When I got home, it had just started to rain. Steve was ready with the bikes to load onto the rack on the back of the car. We were going to put the car into storage this afternoon but with all of the rain today and tomorrow, we figured it would be wise to keep the dehumidifier running in the trailer. So we will put the car into storage tomorrow afternoon (we are storing the dehumidifier in the car while gone).

All outside work done before the "atmospheric river" arrives...and arrive it did! It rained non-stop all afternoon, evening and night...and was still raining Sunday (Nov. 14) morning.

Today was an inside day...packing what I could, so there would be little to do in the morning. We also worked on this blog update.

Late this afternoon, we packed the dehumidifier in the car and took it to it's winter resting spot in the storage area. It has been pouring all day and the water is pooling all over the place! Some sites are completely flooded! Steve took this picture...
It's supposed to rain all night and tomorrow I hate to think how much water we're going to have in our site as Steve packs up the last things outside, and we hitch up.

We have an appointment in the morning at Vancouver Axle and Frame to have the wheel bearings checked. We like to take it in just before we make the long trek down to Arizona. Saves us having to pack things up for the service then return to the RV park. Fingers-crossed that it is a quick job and we will be heading to the border by noon!


  1. I bet you guys are excited to hit the road! It has been too long since you have been on a journey south. Safe travels!

    1. Yes excited but been delayed due a couple of days due to major flooding at the RV Park.

  2. Welcome back to the US from a pair of Oregonians! One of the things I've noticed is how much everything seems to be booked up, both on the road south and of course all over Arizona. It made me wonder if people are "stacking" reservations in order to be sure they have some place to land as/if their circumstances change. For example, there's no place to reserve a site off I-5 by San Luis Reservoir in California - that's total craziness to me. I worked for a fiber optic test instrument company back in the dot-com boom, and companies placed multiple orders on suppliers, just to try getting what they needed. I wonder if there will be sudden vacancies all over, or if people will just pay for and un-occupy sites - I guess time will tell. Wild times! Sounds like AZ will be drier and warmer this year - I hope the wet monsoon greened things up a bit. Safe travels! Mac

    1. Thanks Mac. Apparently there are far more RVers on the road now since COVID and many have realized they can work from the road. Things have certainly changed since we hit the road 11+ years ago when we would reserve nothing and wing it.. Cheers!

  3. Was great to get a chance to say see ya later. Really tasty dinner and yes we did have a second glass of wine ;) Hopefully you can escape all the flooding and get safely on your way! Safe trip and enjoy the heat down south.