Wednesday. March 3 to Friday, March 19, 2021 (Oceanside RV Resort, Saanichton, BC)

Here we are...time for another update! As usual, we really haven't been doing an awful lot...just trying to get out for daily walks. That, and all the usual day to day "stuff", keeps us busy...amazing how quickly the weeks are flying by!

Wednesday (March 3) morning Steve edited pictures so I could work on a blog update. I did that until it was noon...and time to head into Sidney for a haircut appointment. It had been a cloudy, breezy morning and was like that when I went into the salon but when I left, about 45 minutes later, the sun was shining! I texted Steve to let him know that I was going for a walk on the waterfront...he wanted to come too, so I ended up driving home and picking him up.

It ended up being a beautiful afternoon!
Great Blue Heron...
March 3rd-10th is the annual Victoria Flower Count... 

We stopped for coffee at the Bistro at the end of the Sidney dock...
Thursday (March 4) and Friday (March 5) were pretty uneventful....laundry, shopping and the RV repair guy returned to install a replacement control module for our hot water heater. Even though the element and the thermostat that had a burn mark on it were replaced previously we still weren't getting water over 100F. I took a temperature reading 30 minutes later and the temperature hadn't increased. The tech said there is power to the element so the only other thing in the circuit is a 12 VDC powered relay that controls the power to the element, and it's in a bad spot to get to. So we're waiting for that to be ordered in and we get our old control module back :)

Saturday (March 6) late morning we went over to the house to take Conner and Bryce for a hike. Rob and Angie are away for the weekend, leaving the boys with Angie's mom and dad, Linda and Brian. It was the first time Rob and Angie have been away by themselves...they had a really nice, relaxing time at an Airbnb.

More hiking on the great trails around their house. This is Bryce showing off his tricks...
Conner and I...
Grampa surprised each of the boys with $5 for their piggy banks...
We had a great couple of hours with them and then headed home for lunch. The rest of the day was spent puttering around...Steve working on his never-ending blog review project and I did some knitting. We ended the afternoon taking the bikes for a spin around the RV park.

Sunday (March 7) ended up being a real mixed bag of weather...windy, sunny and rain, all throughout the day. We did manage to get out walking a couple of laps around the RV park in the morning. And I did another 2 laps in the afternoon while Steve washed the car. All in all, a pretty quiet day.

Monday (March 8) morning we met Dave and Leslie to go for another hike at East Sooke Regional Park.

This time we took the Beechey Head Loop Trail...going the opposite way, starting with the interior trail that goes to Beechey Head and returning along the coast. If you recall, last time we took the Coast Trail to Beechey Head but were just too exhausted to do the rock scramble up to the viewpoint, so went back on the interior trail. These trails are a real workout!
Steve and I climbed up the rocks to the top of Beechey Head while Dave and Leslie went to a lower viewpoint...
Fabulous view across the Salish Sea of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. Steve just missed getting a picture of a lone Killer Whale that surfaced twice then never appeared again....

Two boats passing by each other...

It's windy on this side of the park...

Lunch time...
Sadly this was our last hike with Dave and Leslie's travelling companion Margaret. She was 16 years old and mostly blind, but unfortunately had been having seizures lately so it was time. So sorry for your loss guys. We have fond memories of playing chase the laser light and all the hikes we got to do with her :(

Just shy of 3 hours later, we were back at the tracker said we had done just over 5 kms/3 miles (of up and down rock scrambling) and 14,499 steps! Another awesome hike! Such amazing scenery and the weather was perfect!

On our way home we decided to check out Pedder Bay RV Resort and Marina. There were three harbour seals hanging around the wharf but Steve failed to get a picture...
This is a great spot to stay if you're into fishing!
We grabbed a coffee at the Marina and walked through the RV Resort. Notice the bears holding up the bench...

As we walked thru the campground we noticed most of the licence plates were from Ontario...
Tuesday (March 9) ended up being mainly cloudy, cool and breezy...glad we picked yesterday to go for our hike! It was a pretty uneventful day...I defrosted  the freezer and did a little baking while Steve worked on his blog project.

Wednesday (March 10) we were back to sunshine. Another uneventful day...I went grocery shopping and Steve continued work on his blog project. After lunch we went into Sidney for a walk on the waterfront and then stopped for coffee at the new Marigold Cafe near us.

Thursday (March 11) and another beautiful day! Steve went out to start the truck to take it out for a ride only to find the batteries dead....oops, left it too long! I guess the drive from the paint shop after sitting for 6 weeks, then sitting again for almost 2 weeks did them in.  So he put the battery charger on them and will try again tomorrow.

I did laundry while Steve puttered around outside. After lunch we headed into Sidney to run some errands and then walked the waterfront. We ended the afternoon having coffee with Leslie and Dave at Marigold Cafe. Thanks for coming out to meet us, guys!

Friday (March 12) morning we headed out at 10:00 to take the truck for a run. While we were out, Steve's sister, Nadine called so we ended up taking the truck on an extra long run out to their place in Colwood. We had a nice visit with Nadine and Mike over coffee in their back yard...
That afternoon, we met our friends, Rob and Nancy for coffee at Marigold Cafe...yup, that's 3 days in a row! LOL

Saturday (March 13) morning we got out for a couple of laps around the RV was another lovely day! With a beautiful sunrise...
We arrived at Rob and Angie's house around 2:00...for another hike on the trails. But this time, we get to stay and enjoy a campfire with them! The COVID restrictions have been eased slightly, allowing outside gatherings of 10 people...yay!

Conner and Bryce playing with the frisbee. That's where the campfire will be a little later...
But first Rob, Conner, Bryce, Steve and I headed out on the trails. We had a long hike...going on some trails that Steve and I had never been on (and we lived here for 20 years, LOL). The majority of the hike was one big pinecone fight...between all the guys (I tried to keep out of it). Another great hike!
When we got back, it was campfire time. Left to, Angie with Bryce, Linda with Conner, Rob and Brian. Rob has transplanted elsewhere in the yard, all the ferns that we had planted in the septic preparation for planting grass... 
Bryce was a hungry boy after the long hike...
Linda, Rob, Angie and Brian cooking up some hotdogs...
It was after 8:00 when we loaded our chairs back into the car and headed home. Finally some family awesome afternoon and evening!

With the change in time to Daylight Savings Time Sunday (March 14), we slept in. It didn't take us long to adjust to the new time, though.

Nothing exciting today...the usual walk around the RV park and Steve continued work on his project. We even managed to get the first one posted!

Monday (March 15) morning we were out the door at 8:00. We have a little shopping to do at Costco and it's so much nicer to get there early. We were surprised to see snow on some vehicles as it was dry in our area. As we got closer to Costco, in the western communities, we could see that they had a dusting of snow. Steve got our propane tanks filled while I headed inside. We had finished shopping, fueled the car up and were leaving just after 9:00!

On our way home we stopped at my brother and sister-in-law's place. Dwight and Helen own KnifePro, and along with selling a lot of high quality knives and kitchenware, they also sharpen knives...and ours are in bad need of sharpening! We haven't been able to see them due to Covid, but we enjoyed a short, outdoor visit with them.

Once we got home Steve washed the car to get the road salt off.

Tuesday (March 16) morning I left at about 9:30 to head into Victoria. My first stop was to drop off some papers with our Financial Advisor...then it was onto see my old work colleague. Lynn and I enjoyed a 90 minute, 7+ km (4.5 mile) walk along the Victoria waterfront, making a big loop through the Inner Harbour and back to her place. Another wonderful outdoor visit!

When I got home, Steve was busy working on his bike...fixing a flat tire and cleaning the rust off the handle bars, etc...the sea air at the campground has played havoc on all things metal! After lunch, he continued cleaning...doing my bike. Thanks honey!

Wednesday (March 17) and Thursday (March 18) were (again) pretty uneventful days. Steve lubed the truck, 5th wheel and trailer suspension. He then crawled under the trailer to check for loose u-bolt nuts on the leaf spring mounts. (Last season he found 6 loose ones) Next up was his tackle box making a list of fishing tackle he is going to need for the summer, I worked on some income tax stuff, did all those fun everyday chores!

Friday (March 19) morning we woke to rain and had been quite windy through the night. It was supposed to be that way for most of the day so we were surprised to see as much sunshine as we did...but it was still pretty blustery.

We met Steve's sister and husband, Nadine and Mike, for morning coffee at the Fresh Cup Roastery. They have an enclosed outdoor area making it much nicer in the blustery weather. 

I told Steve to take a he did. Goof!
This is what I meant!
We enjoyed another great visit with them...hope to see them one more time before we leave the island on April 1.

Yesterday while getting a walk in around the campground we noticed our mobile RV tech working at another site. Steve had sent a text a few days ago about the relay for our hot water tank and never got a response. (Nothing pisses Steve off more than the lack of communication and follow up!) The tech said he's tried everywhere including Amazon and couldn't locate one as there is a parts shortage due to COVID. Well that's BS...Steve made 2 phone calls and located one locally! 

Our social life had a busy day today...we had an invite from Rob and Nancy to meet for coffee this afternoon! So we met them at Fresh Cup Roastery...yes, 2 times in one day! LOL
We haven't been able to get together often over the last 6 months that we have been here, but it's nice to get in some last minute visits! Hope to arrange one more visit with them too!

And that's it...we're up to date again. We will have one last blog finishing up our stay on Vancouver Island on March 31, 2021.


  1. Lots of visiting! Nice to see the warm weather and you visiting with your friends and family. We would never get tired of seeing the water, the marina and all those boats. We would probably walk the docks every week.

    1. With the improving weather and longer days we can finally get together outside. The Sidney waterfront walk is a definite favourite!

  2. Nice views on your walks. Nice you are getting to see some people and your grandsons.

    1. We're enjoying getting in what visiting we can in our time left here!

  3. Glad you are getting out and getting things done.
    like Steve I hate when I'm lied to. The Techs think they can Hood-Wink anybody pushing the smaller jobs off while they complete Big Dollar Jobs first.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. And when there aren’t many mobile techs to choose from you hate to burn your bridge with the one you’re stuck with.

  4. Thanks for mentioning Margaret, she's been in your blog a few times. She always loved Uncle Laser & Auntie Treats lol. I remember her running to your door when we stayed in Quartzsite, first thing on her mind was to run over and get treats!
    So good to get a nice fire and hot dogs with your family. It's been a long time for so many people. Look forward to a few more walks if we can before month end. See you soon. Cheers.

    1. Margaret had a great life with you guys. Thanks for sharing her with us. Yes finally some family time with the improving weather.