Wednesday, February 3 to Tuesday, February 16, 2021 (Oceanside RV Resort, Saanichton, BC)

Before I carry on with "the happenings" over the last couple of weeks, I'd like to show you some pictures from February 2 that I neglected to include in our last blog. We had gone for a late afternoon walk along the Sidney waterfront and as we passed the fish market, we noticed one of the workers feeding a couple of seals...
Tossing another fish...
We watched for a few minutes and then continued on our way. On our way back, the seals were still there waiting for more food...but they were out of luck, feeding was over.

Wednesday (Feb. 3) we woke to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof but by the time it was light out and we opened our blinds, the sky was blue with just a few clouds hanging around...YAY!

We met Dave and Leslie at the Ogden Point Breakwater for an afternoon walk. We started on the breakwater. This is a very popular area for divers. Lots of sea creatures among the granite blocks and kelp beds...
A group selfie at the end of the was a tad bit windy LOL!
As we neared the shoreline Steve noticed a Sea Otter amongst the logs...
After the breakwater, we walked the Victoria waterfront towards Clover Point. There is a main, fairly wide paved path with narrower paths that branch off and go closer to the water. It was a great walk but very busy for a Wednesday afternoon...which surprised us. But although windy, it was sunny, so that got people out walking.

This is a popular area for paragliding for the updrafts that are created when the winds hit the cliffs. Steve said that back in the late 70's when he was still flying he hit an updraft here that forced the plane up several hundred feet! 
The pilot continued to gently fly back and forth...

By the time we got back to the cars we had walked roughly 8 kms/5 miles. Dave and Leslie discovered that the nearby Beagle Pub had an open outside patio, so we rewarded ourselves with a brew sitting in the sunshine! It has been a long time since we've been to a pub!
Thursday (Feb. 4) morning we got out for walk, doing a couple of laps around the RV Park. It was a cool, cloudy, misty day...such a change from yesterday!

I decided to do my grocery shopping today when the weather was yucky...leaving tomorrow open for getting out and doing something since it was supposed to be a nicer day. I left Steve working on his blog recap project...something that is turning out to be a much bigger project that he had thought it would be!

We opened the blinds Friday (Feb. 5) morning to find blue sky...back to sunshine today! We watched the BC Covid-19 update to find that the current restrictions that were due to end today had been extended until at least the end of the month. Not surprising...but disappointing nonetheless. Will we ever be able to get together with our family? (sigh...)

We decided to drive to Island View Beach Regional Park and walk the trail there...
After our walk, we headed into Sidney to run some errands and on the way home we thought we'd check out another beach trail near us. We parked in the small parking lot and followed the trail that goes along the waterfront.

There are also a couple of trails that go down to the beach...
Our RV Park is on the other side of those trees next to the lowlands (center) which is the spit...
The trail goes through Saanichton Bay Park...

A nice little walk (about 1.6 km/1 mile return) and a spot we have always wondered about whenever we drive by the access to it.

The rest of Conner's birthday present had finally arrived yesterday. It was just a hoodie and track pants but we told him it was socks and which he rolled his eyes. Of course getting clothes isn't exactly on the top of an 8 year old's list...good thing we had gotten him something cool earlier (robotic spider that he had to build) too. Anyway, Angie and the boys stopped on their way home to pick it up. We had a nice, short chat with them as they sat in the car. Good seeing them even if it is from a distance.

Saturday (Feb. 6) was another beautiful sunny day. We walked a couple of laps around the RV park in the morning and then sat outside in the sunshine...Steve reading and I was knitting. Wow, we haven't been able to do that for a long time!
There were a few wispy clouds hanging around but it was sunny for the most part...just a little breezy. We finished the afternoon off with a ride around the park on our bikes.

Sunday (Feb. 7) and another beautiful sunny day! But it was a cold and frosty start! We went for another walk around the RV park, this time also walking the beach trail to hill that overlooks the ocean.
James Island...
I did some baking while Steve sat outside reading for a bit, eventually coming in when the wind picked up and the clouds started rolling in making it a little chilly. By late afternoon, we thought we'd get out for another walk before the rain started. We had one heck of a downpour with hail after we got back. We have an Artic cold front coming in's going to be a cold week with temps dipping to -7C/19F...and "feels like" temps -15C/5F with the wind chill.

Monday (Feb. 8) morning we headed off to Costco bright and early to fill up a propane tank in preparation for the coming cold snap. We have 2 electric heaters but we'll likely need to supplement that with the furnace. I don't think we've used it since 2016 when we returned from our Africa trip and delayed leaving BC until the end of December and were in a snowy deep freeze for a couple of weeks.

I quickly picked up a few things in Costco while Steve got the propane and then we were on our way...back home shortly after 9:00 a.m.

After lunch we drove into Sidney for a walk along the was chilly but at least it wasn't windy, so that helped. One nice thing about the cold front coming in is that it's cold, dry air...not the normal cold dampness.

After our walk, we popped over to pick up our mail from Rob. There have been a few cases of COVID at the naval base where he works, so they have everyone working from home. We enjoyed a wonderful chat with him outside.

Tuesday (Feb. 9) was cold! It had been a cold, windy night with the furnace coming on and off numerous times waking us it wasn't a very restful night.

It was basically an inside day...I did a lot of knitting, Steve read some and we both watched TV.

Wednesday (Feb. 10) and another very cold, very windy day with temperatures down into the minuses! We also endured another night of the furnace going on and off but it wasn't as bad as the night before...must be getting used to it.

When Steve opened the blinds, we were greeted with clear blue sky and heavy frost...but by mid morning, the clouds had rolled in and it started to snow. It pretty well snowed all day but amazingly, it didn't accumulate until early evening.

I did laundry but other than that, it was an inside day.

Thursday (Feb.11) was another cold, blustery day. A Winter Storm Watch has also been issued with heavy snow in the forecast for tomorrow night and into the cold Artic outflow winds collide with warm Pacific moisture. The temperatures are extremely cold for here...-5C/23F with the wind chill -12C/10F. We've been enduring wind gusts over 63 kph/40 mph.

Needless to say, it was another inside day....more knitting and TV watching!

Friday (Feb. 12) morning we woke up to no water. Ugh! Thank goodness I had made the coffee last night!

Steve had heat tape and insulation on our water hose but with heat tape only on the taps it couldn't keep up without insulation. So once it was light out, he took my hairdryer and thawed out the taps. Once thawed he wrapped the taps with rags then taped a plastic bag over it. That's not going to happen again! He also filled our fresh water tank just in case.

It was another inside day as we listened and felt the wind rocking the trailer. More TV and I finished my knitting project...a sweater for our grandson, Isaac...

Saturday (Feb. 13) As forecast, snow moved in late last night and we woke to a snowy, blustery day! You can see how the wind has blown some areas almost bare...

By mid afternoon, the snow had stopped and we got out for a walk around the RV park. A pickup truck from the Reserve with a blade had plowed the roads.
It is really hard to say how much snow we actually got because it was so windy. Some pretty deep snow drifts...but we think it was likely around 8 to 10 inches.
For the last 4 or 5 days we have heard lots of gunfire during the day and even at night!!
Some Reserve members have a duck blind set up with decoys on the left. Not sure how far shotgun shot will travel but they are facing reserve homes and the RV Park. 
(We've since overheard a neighbour telling another that the RCMP were called and have heard no further gunfire as of Sunday. But Tuesday night at 10:25 PM a shot!)
One neighbour drove his dually truck back and forth behind our car packing down the snow and another neighbour lent Steve a snow shovel. He cleared the snow off the car then shoveled around the car and our site. Never thought I'd see him doing this again! LOL
Sunday (Feb. 14)...and more snow! The wind had died down somewhat and the temperatures were a little warmer, hovering at or just above freezing. It continued to snow most of the day sometimes mixed with a drizzle of rain.

So much for the car clearing and shovelling Steve did yesterday....

Steve went out to empty the holding tanks and then went for a walk around the RV park. I declined a walk, as I was busy making a batch of granola.

The rest of the day was basically spent hunkered down inside...Steve did some more work on his project and I started another knitting project.

Monday (Feb. 15) morning we woke up to the sound of rain on the roof. Although there is still a snowfall warning for the island, most of it will be for higher elevations and communities up island. It is definitely warming up and the wind is calm.

By mid afternoon, the rain had stopped so we got out for a couple of laps around the RV park. We are looking forward to all the snow melting now...hopefully that's it for our winter snow storms!

Tuesday (Feb. 16) we actually had some blue sky and sunshine peaking though periodically....and the temperature was back to normal for this time of year, 9C/48F.

Steve worked on his blog project for a couple of hours while I knit and then at noon, we decided to drive into Sidney for a walk along the waterfront. was great to get out for a good walk in sunshine, and away from the RV park!

Steve took a short video of the seals waiting patiently under the fish market for lunch. There were 3 of them but one disappeared  under the wharf before he started filming...
They are so cute!

Back home, Steve emptied the grey tanks, we had lunch...and then settled in for the afternoon. Steve has found a series about famous wartime film-makers on Netflix that he is that kept him glued to the TV. 

And there you go...caught up for another 2 weeks!


  1. Great picture from the light house at Ogden Point lol. Your hair is right sideways haha. That was a good walk and then an actual pint on a patio!! To go from a nice sunny walk to shovelling snow, wth? Super happy not being in Alberta though. You're getting lots of exercise and projects getting done, good stuff. Cheers.

    1. That picture is hilarious! Definitely windy out there. Finally! An outdoor patio open and it's sunny! A great way to end our afternoon👍

  2. What a couple of weeks eh! Great picture of Steve shoveling snow, one for your archives for sure. We certainly got an accumulation. Apparently there is a little more in the extended forecast! Looking good both of you. :) Hope to see you sometime this spring if it is permitted.

    1. Sure hope restrictions ease up soon! This Covid stuff is getting very exhausting ☹️ Looking forward to being able to get together...soon, I hope! Stay safe and healthy.

  3. I have always wanted to try paragliding, maybe someday. Good to see that you finally got some of that white stuff, hate to see you miss out on it!

    1. I've always thought paragliding would be fun too but that relies on something you can't see, air currents. I'll stick with something that has an engine on it. The white stuff is nice to look at but that's about it.