Friday, July 7 to Wednesday, July 12, 2017 (Tunkwa Provincial Park, Logan Lake, BC)

It sure has been quiet around here since Rob and Conner left yesterday.
Even Tucker seems to missing his morning "play time" with Conner!

With Hugh away from the park for the next few days, Steve took over his job of emptying the garbage bins and cleaning sites. I was on outhouse duty this morning...but before heading out, I managed to get a load of laundry done and hung on the line. Nothing better than bedding drying outside on the line in the fresh was another hot day, so it would be dry in no time!

After outhouse cleaning, I restocked the information kiosk with pamphlets and then made a run over to the day-use area on the other side of the lake to empty the garbage bin and clean the outhouse.

Getting an early start to try to "beat the heat", we were both done by noon. We had lunch, showered and then both spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the trailer with the AC going.

We noticed some big billowy clouds in the that smoke?
We learned from volunteer Brian that a wildfire was burning outside of Ashcroft, 32 km/20 miles away as the crow flies. This is not good, notice the trees bending in the wind...
Wow...this looks rather ominous!

A smokey sunset...
Saturday morning we woke to thick smoke as the Ashcroft fire had grown to 720 hectares...and soon learned that around 138 more wildfires from mostly lightning strikes had started overnight and were fuelled by strong winds. In a matter of a day, there were almost 200 wildfires burning and threatening many communities in BC.
We had Saturday off so decided to drive to Kamloops for a little shopping. The smoke was very thick all of the way there...
Highway 97C is closed from the intersection of Tunkwa Lake Road to Ashcroft due to the wildfire in Ashcroft...
And Kamloops is also shrouded in thick smoke. The mountain in the distance is barely visible...
The Yellow Headed Blackbirds are very happy with our new purchase makes it much easier for them. They are gluttons though, as they emptied the feeder in half a day!
They were joined by the Redwing Blackbirds...
Sunday was another work "day" for us. Steve was quite disgusted with the mess left in this fire pit! Really no excuse other than just lazy campers...the garbage bins were right across the road...
No smoke nice after yesterday! We even managed to get out for a walk in the afternoon...
Oh, oh...did I say no smoke? Enjoy it while we can...look what's on the horizon!
Monday we were off again...the busy May and June here at Tunkwa has given way to slower days now. Of course, the numerous wildfires burning and a campfire ban doesn't help.
Look at the red sun in the sky this morning...

We basically stayed inside all day...I did some banking and baking, while Steve watched some of his TV shows and then we watched a movie

Steve went out in the morning to take a few pictures. Bench Hill is barely visible...

Hardcore fishers trying to catch smoked trout. LOL:-)

Tuesday was another smokey day. Doug and Sue headed off on their usual weekly trip to Kamloops, leaving us to man the park. I cleaned outhouses, sites and then collected from those who decided to stay another night...most are just paying night by night, keeping an eye on the wildfires. There were a few new campers come in as well.

Tuesday mornings Steve takes over Doug's routine and is out on the road around 6:35 recording the traffic count meters and checking for new overnight campers. Steve took some photos on his rounds.
Leighton Campground...
Leighton North Campground...
Looking from the spit at Tunkwa campground...
Bench Hill at Tunkwa...
Overlooking Leighton Lake from Tunkwa campground...
Steve's duties today was to clean out all fire pits. By the end of his shift he was loosing his voice from breathing in fire pit ash and smokey air...quickly cured after a couple of brews, LOL!

Tunkwa fire weed in bloom...
This morning (Wednesday) we woke to basically clear skies...such a welcome relief! I was up extra early (before 6 am) for some reason...much to Steve's complaining! What are you doing up already! LOL

We had a leisurely start, did our resistance exercises, had breakfast, and then Steve finally got out fishing.
 This guy has one on...
I did a little puttering around and then made some wheat/grain/sugar free bagels...yes, I have decided to embrace the "Wheat Belly" way of eating, eliminating all wheat, grains and sugar from my diet. I joined a Facebook community and embarked the "Ten Day Detox" May 30...and haven't looked back. The group also provides tons of's amazing...just takes a little planning. I haven't lost much in the way of weight...but I do feel better and with perseverance, I'm sure it will come.

Around noon, Tucker and I headed out on a walk. We took the path to Leighton first time this year. About 45 minutes later we were nice getting out walking again!  Yes, my foot issues seem to have settled down with new shoes and orthotics!

Steve had radioed me just before I got back...he was heading in after a successful few hours of fishing...well, three fish sounds pretty successful to me! So I hopped in the gator and drove down to the boat launch to pick him and his fishing gear up.

We basically relaxed the rest of the afternoon...sitting outside in the shade...Steve reading while I did a little knitting.

We later learned on the news this evening that the Ashcroft wildfire has grown to 10,600 hectares! The smoke has reached Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the USA. Here is a screenshot of the wildfire situation in BC right now...

We'd also like to congratulate our son and daughter-in-law, Rob and Angie. They secured funding for a mortgage and have purchased our home on 1.21 acres.
For those of you that know us, when we embarked on our retirement and new lifestyle, we worked out a deal with them where they had ten years to purchase our house. Well, three years before the deadline, the paperwork is now in the process with the possession date in just a couple of weeks. They have assured us that they will not change the locks and that a bedroom will always be available there for us!


  1. Crazy fires. Hopefully they get them under control soon. Congrats on the house sale!

    1. Thanks guys! It's amazing how quickly all these fires appeared. With no rain in the immediate forecast and a windy weekend ahead it could get much worse.

  2. Congrats on the sale of your house. What a win-win situation!

    1. Thanks! It's so nice to still have the family home to go back to.

  3. Wahoo ... they did it just in time before the interest rates go up! Kristi and Jason take possession of their new house August 17th in Nanaimo. We will have a bedroom there too with our bedroom furniture set up.

    1. Yes... they beat it by a day. Congrats to Kristi and Jason!

  4. Congratulations on selling your house! That is one stresser that you can cross off your list.

  5. I can't believe how many wildfires are burning in your province. It must be very worrisome with all that smoke and having a fire so near. Sure hope things settle down real soon. Good to see the wind shift occasionally so you have some better breathing days.

    1. Thanks! Luckily for us it's just been the smoke and the winds have kept the fires away from us. We feel very sorry for those that have lost their homes and all the communities that have been evacuated.

  6. We even have smoke here in bonnyville from BC fires. Stay safe you guys.
    I hope the truck fix is the last time you ever have to worry about that noise ever again.
    Fingers crossed!
    Congrats on the house deal. Wish we could do the same. Awesome win-win.

    1. Thanks guys! Hopefully the real estate situation in your area will improve.