Monday, June 15 to Saturday, June 20, 2015 (Monck Provincial Park, Quilchena, BC)

Steve was anxious to get his boat into the water and Monday morning was a picture perfect day to do it. We are working the afternoon/evening shift so I helped Steve take the boat and motor down to the boat launch...

Sue and Doug were working the day shift, so before I started my shift this afternoon, I thought I would rescue Tucker from the trailer and take him for a walk down to the boat launch...for a swim...

Steve started his shift at 2:00 and I relieved Sue at the gatehouse at 3:30. It was pretty quiet during my shift...but Steve is kept busy outside. Besides checking the garbage, washrooms and later on security patrols this shift has allowed him to get most of the sites pruned and the day use area totally cleaned up. He's painted more site posts and he and Gord got another 10 tables sanded and painted. He's very happy that people down in the day-use area are using the "Butts" buckets that he put out the other day.
Such a lovely evening...

Tuesday morning after his coffee, Steve headed out fishing.While trying to get his second line in the water he got a strike on the first rod...a squaw fish.

Then it happened again...this time a small trout.
Another small one...dang...some of the campers here this week have caught 3-4 lb trout!

A great day on the water!

I took Tucker out for another walk and swim...

Then it was time for work...I was on 3:30 to 10:30 again today and Steve 2:00 to 10:00. Just before the end of his shift, Steve captured this picture of an osprey...

We didn't do much Wednesday before starting our shift...we did get out for a walk around the campground, though.

Although Steve's shift didn't start until 2:00, he put in a couple of hours Thursday morning. There was an old dilapidated dock below site 70 and although not the park's responsibility, the regional manager thought it would be best to remove was quite a safety hazard as it was quite busted up with nails sticking out. So Steve took some tow rope and headed down there in his boat. The plan was to tow it down to the boat launch where the guys could take it apart.

Doug L. met Steve down there. First thing was to free the dock...the resident next door to the park had towed it from his place and secured it with a steel cable to the stumps on shore so that it wouldn't drift out into the lake.

And away he goes. Right from the start he had difficulties towing in a straight line and ended up going through the weed bed...

He experimented by letting out more tow line, different speeds, hand pulling the line like flying a kite but couldn't keep the wharf straight. His motor was turned to one side as far as it would go trying to go straight but it would only last for a short distance.
He had around a 1/2 mile to get to the boat launch...

He didn't have too much further to go to the boat launch, but the wind had started to come up making it even tougher to tow, so after doing a 180 and a 360 degree uncontrolled turn Doug said to dock it at the closest small beach. Doug was trying to go out and give him a hand...
Trying to get to the beach...

Finally! It actually worked out well because this beach had access to the trail where they could bring the golf cart and trailer down...they would just dismantle it there and haul the wood out...

I started my shift at the gatehouse at 2:30 today and since Steve already worked a couple of hours this morning, he didn't start until 4:00. It was another pretty quiet evening for me. That's going to change tomorrow, though...52 reservations will be arriving. So Sue will be busy tomorrow night. Today was our last work day for this week...we now have Fridays and Saturdays off.

It's been a windy few days...Steve got a shot of these kite surfers. Earlier they were quite close to the campground and were getting a lot of air but the trees were in the way for a photo.

Friday morning we headed into Merritt to do a little shopping. After a stop at Walmart, Coopers and then The Source, we were on our way back home. Look at the brown tire lines on the road...caused by all the grasshoppers being squished...yuck!

Friday evening was our first happy hour in five days! Doug and Sue were working but their daughter, Carlie, visiting from Vancouver, joined us. Cheers, Mom and Dad!

Since we were on days off and Doug and Sue are working evenings, Steve and Doug managed to get out on the lake Saturday morning for a little fishing. Steve with one of the trout he caught...

Looks like a gorgeous morning out there!

The guys had a bet for the biggest fish...a loonie ($1.00) Steve caught two trout and Doug lost a fish.

Fishing had been slow for awhile so they were about to head in, and wouldn't you know Doug catches a squaw fish...
 The biggest fish of the day...

While they were out fishing, I had a busy morning getting some of those household chores done. We start on days tomorrow, so I thought I should get organized. Gee...brings back memories! Haha!

When the guys got back, we had lunch and then the rest of the day was spent puttering around and getting more "things" done...Steve emptied our tanks, not very exciting, I'm afraid!

And there we go...another week has gone by. Although it has been pretty quiet, I think it is just the calm before the storm...another week and school will be out. Then all the summer vacationers will be arriving!


  1. We are so lucky to have such great neighbours!!. Take the dog for walks. Entertain our daughter while we work and then to boot you take Doug fishing !!.. We owe you big time !.. Now if only we had some time off for happy hour like we use too?

    1. Awww...thanks! We enjoyed it...a good week with more to come! Don't worry, we'll get more happy hours...just not as frequent as they used to be! :)

  2. I specialize in bringing in all the small fish, so everyone else can get the keepers:(

  3. Glad Steve is catching fish. Ray has only had 1 day out on a lake so far ... plans changed because of kids. Oh well. There is still 2 more months of summer.

    1. Hope you get out soon Ray. Doug and I are taking our tubes and heading out to Blue Lake next weekend.

  4. There sure are a lot of sucker/squaw fish in this lake but imagine some people are eating them. Yuck