Tuesday, May 20 to Sunday, May 25, 2014 (Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Another week has flown by! It was fairly uneventful...a little work around the RV mixed in with walks and bike rides.

Tuesday was a work day...Steve decided it was time to test the generator after getting it back from being repaired. All seemed fine, thank goodness. He then continued on with maintenance of the generator...changing the oil and cleaning the air filters and spark arrester.

While he was doing that, I was inside cleaning...vacuuming, and all that fun stuff! I took this picture of the lily plant that Chris and Angela gave me for Mother's Day...it is now in full bloom and just beautiful!

After our work was done, we relaxed outside...it was a beautiful day! Doug and Zanna came over for happy hour after they had finished cleaning their fifth-wheel. Doug and his grandson arrived back yesterday after a guys only getaway, so they came here to clean the trailer before putting it back into storage. Cheers! Good seeing and catching up with you, Zanna and Doug!

Wednesday morning Steve headed off at around 10:00 to run a bunch of errands. He was looking to replace the trailer spare tire with a better used one. Also one of his rear quad tires has had a slow leak. They found that the sidewall had the leak and couldn't be patched so Steve gave them a spare tube he had to install... it was after 2:00 when he finally got home.

While he was gone, I took my time puttering around the trailer and then walked into Fort Langley. On my way I took this picture of the Fraser River from the bridge...the water level has really risen in the past few days!

Thursday was our Wedding Anniversary...32 wonderful years! We got through all those years of work, building our dream home and raising two incredible boys (now grown men)...and are now living the lifestyle that we had only dreamed of throughout all those years! Yes, dreams can come true!

We were actually up and out fairly early for us...it was 9:30 when we headed out to Abbotsford. It may sound strange to drive 23 kilometres to fill the truck with diesel but with the cost over 10 cents/litre lower there than in Langley/Surrey, we decided to make the short trip. We hadn't filled up since March 28th when we stopped in Ferndale, Washington before crossing the border back into Canada. We managed to get over 1100 kilometres on that fill up...the best mileage we have ever gotten...mind you, we weren't towing at all either. According to the news this week we Canadians are now paying 30% more for fuel then our American friends. :-(

After filling up, we thought we would stop at Fraserway RV, just down the road. With nothing else planned, we decided to go wander around their parts/accessory store...we even went and checked out some new fifth-wheels. We're not in the market for a new one...but it's always fun to look. Nothing particularly took our fancy...they all seem so dark inside with dark wood and smokey windows. One of the rigs, a Redwood that the fellow took us into had had the big 55" LED TV stolen out of it the night before. Apparently a few others were broken into recently...hmmm...even though they have security I think they had better step it up!

Today was one of those "long" days, where you look at your watch and it's only 1:30 but feels like it should be at least 3:30! Probably because we were up and out by 9:30 this morning instead of 11:30...LOL!
After lunch we thought we'd get out for some fresh air and exercise and go for a bike ride down to the campground at Derby Reach. This is our favourite bike ride and I know you've seen many pictures already but Steve took a couple just to show how much the river had risen.

We also got some pictures of a new family...

Back home, we sat outside reading for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to walk into town to the Fort Pub for our anniversary dinner.
Happy Anniversary, honey...here's to many, many more!

Rain was the order of the day for Friday...it just poured out all morning! It finally stopped at about 2:00 so we headed out for a long walk across the bridge, and along the river. After that bit of exercise, we sat outside reading for the rest of the afternoon...little bits of sun even managed to poke through for our happy hour...nice!

Saturday was a cloudy day, for the most part...but it didn't rain, so that was a bonus! I went out for a good power walk/run...taking our usual 3.6 mile/5.8 km route. I was back in about 40 minutes to find Steve outside working on the trailer. He replaced a broken latch on the basement door and then tackled the bulb seal on the slide. He's had a heck-of-a-time finding this bulb seal but after much perseverance, he finally got some at an RV place in Langley. He had checked with this company last week giving them a description and was told it would have to be ordered in, so this time he took in a sample and they had 55' left in stock...SOLD!

Old seal is split...

There was a Vintage Fiberglass RV Club rally here this weekend...the BC Glass Eggs Fiberglass Trailer Meet, so once Steve was finished his work, we thought we'd take a walk over and take a look. Our son has a Trillium...so these pics are for you Rob. Vintage cars along with these tiny trailers...Boler, Scamp, Trillium, Caseta, Bigfoot ...to name a few. All very cool!

After lunch, we went for a bike ride on Tavistock Trail, here on the island. We were amazed at how high the river is getting! We couldn't get all the way out to the point...

See the bench...now in the water...

We took two other side trails down to the river and both were blocked off due to the high river...

We sat outside relaxing and reading for the rest of the afternoon...the sun even poked through a bit!

Today (Sunday) was another very rainy day. It was a stay inside day with Steve watching "his" documentaries on TV and me reading and working on this blog post. At 3:00 I decided to walk into town to the market...rain or no rain! The rain wasn't too bad...it wasn't pouring, just a steady shower. I was only gone about 45 minutes, but it felt good getting out for a bit of a walk and some fresh air.

Well, that's it for now. We are heading back over to the island on Wednesday afternoon. I have an appointment with my "knee doctor" and Steve another dentist appointment. Best of all, we'll get to see Conner (and Rob and Angie, too, of course)! Chris and Angela are also going over for the weekend, so it will be a family get together...and perhaps a little early birthday celebration for Rob!


  1. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you have had much more rain than us. Friday it poured as we left Hope but smartened up just this side of Boston Bar and we have had only a couple of sprinkles since other than a light shower when we were at Alexandria Bridge yesterday. The river is very high at this end too. Temps have remained at 18 to 23 degrees so we are happy campers.

  2. Thanks Deb and Ray! Yup, it's pretty wet around here...as a matter of fact, it's still pouring out right now. It looks like you are in the same site at Skihist that we were in when we were there last September...nice open spot.
    Safe travels...

  3. Happy belated anniversary-you are a wonderful couple and we are so happy to consider you friends.

  4. Thanks Rose! It's so nice staying in touch with you and Monte, I hope our paths cross again soon!

  5. I know this is an old post but we know the guy with the black car and Aqua and white trailer !!!

    1. Really?! Cool car and nice (but tiny) trailer! There was quite an interesting collection at the park.