Monday, May 6 to Sunday, May 12, 2013 (Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Another week has gone, they sure fly by quickly!  It was another week of gorgeous record breaking temperatures as high as 30C/86F one day. Steve decided to take advantage of the good weather and embark upon a job that he has been meaning to do for the past three years...varnish the inside of the truck box (i.e. the Grizzly Den).  He thought he would do a bit first of all, he started by off-loading the quads.  They fit quite nicely under the overhang of the fifth-wheel...we put their covers on them to help protect them from all the dust (the dry weather has lead to very dusty roads here in the park, especially when drivers don't slow down!).

Well, that was enough "work" for today...time for a bike ride down the trail here in the park...

Just never get tired of this view...

Tuesday morning, Steve started on the truck.  He decided to do the doors first, so he removed the metal protective plates from the bottom and sanded the wood.  Once that was done, his work for the day was complete...time to get ready for company.
Esther and Paul were coming out this afternoon from Abbotsford.  Esther was married to Steve's Uncle Don for a few years prior to his death.  She is a lovely lady and we are happy she has found another fellow...this was our first time meeting Paul.

Wednesday, Steve started painting...and he continued Thursday and Friday...once the doors were done, he started on the inside.  You may be wondering what the heck I was doing while he was working...well, I also had my work...inside the trailer (spring cleaning, laundry and stuff like that). I was also getting into the routine of a powerwalk every morning, between 6 and 7 kms everyday in 50 minutes...a great start to the day, especially with the awesome weather we have been having.

Wednesday evening we had a knock on our was Doug and Zanna, a couple we met here in the park last year...they had arrived earlier in the day and recognized our rig.  We chatted for a bit and decided to get together later on in the week.

So Friday afternoon, Doug and Zanna joined us for happy hour.  It was great catching up with them!

Since we were in for a big weather change Sunday, we decided to enjoy the last day of sunshine and go for a walk into Langley.  We went through the Farmer's Market...not really all that much there yet, I imagine it will get bigger come summer.

The Sheriff car is a movie prop...they shoot a lot movies in Fort Langley.

As we were wandering around, we went into one of the antique shops.  We were absolutely amazed by the amount of stuff in Village Antiques Mall

Fort Langley has all sorts of interesting shops and the restored architecture is beautiful...a really quaint little community.

We found this old log structure on a side street...not sure if it's historical.

This is a very popular restaurant...Beatniks Bistro is always busy!

This is our favourite...The Fort Pub & Grill...

Sure enough, the rain started early in the evening Saturday...and it poured out all night and into Sunday.  Oh well, we have had one heck of a great spell of sunshine, blue sky and warm temps! 

Sunday morning we received a Skype call from Conner..."Happy Mother's Day, Gramma!"  Oh, okay, his dad was actually doing all the work but it was so good seeing has been 2 weeks since we have seen our grand-baby! We had a lovely chat with Rob, Angie and Conner...a great start to Mother's Day!

Chris arrived shortly before himself this week.  It's Mother's Day and of course, Angela was spending time with her mom.  My hope was to see Chris "lots" during the month we are here and so far so good!  He brought a package for was from Rob and Angie, I guess they had mailed it to Chris because they knew he would be seeing me on Mother's day. 
It was a photo album of pictures they'd had done professionally.  Absolutely beautiful pictures of their family...and a fabulous Mother's Day gift!

The three of us sat inside chatting and then around 5:30 we decided to walk to The Fort Pub...we had considered driving but the rain had stopped so we figured some exercise would do us good.  Chris was taking both of us out for dinner...for Mother's Day and for Father's Day, since we won't be here in June.  Steve and I both had their dinner special...which was advertised as 'steak and prawns served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables for $18'. 
Well, it turned out to be a steak sandwich with the steak barely a half inch thick!  Okay...fine...apparently there was a mis-communication between the kitchen and the waitresses.  However both our dinners were cold so we had to send them back. The food is usually really good...this is the first time we have had any issues...but it worked out well for Chris...both dinners were taken off the bill!

It was close to 7:30 by the time we were finished and walking back home...and after big hugs, we said goodbye to Chris and he was on his way back into Burnaby.  Another great good seeing him!

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